Giles Enjoying Experience

If you go by the stats, maybe C.J. Giles didn't have the most impressive debut performance. However, stats don't always tell the whole story and that was certainly the case for the six-foot-nine inch freshman from Seattle.

He might have only scored four points, and he wasn’t actually credited with any blocks but C.J. Giles presence in the paint was clear and he altered shot after shot. He’s a graceful athlete who can run the court and gives Kansas a different type of big man.

“I think I could of done better, I think I could have done a lot better,” said Giles. “I’d go ahead and rate it about an eight.”

In an age where so many young big men want to spend time roaming the perimeter hunting jump shots and over dribbling, Giles is focusing on playing like a real big man first.

“All I want to do is block shots and rebound right now,” said Giles of his style. “I’m really focusing on facing up to the basket and shooting more, but the other stuff comes first.”

Like the rest of his teammates, he is glad that the exhibition tour allows him to get an early start on the season and he thinks they are making the most of it on and off the court.

“We’re not all the way gelled yet, but we are getting there and the chemistry is coming along great and I think we are going to be great when the season starts. We’re just a big old family so we don’t really care about who is old or young, the seniors are teaching us stuff and the young guys are teaching them too.” Top Stories