Kaun Shakes Off Nerves and Hurricane

Kansas fans can probably forgive Sasha Kaun for not being at his best during the opening game of the Jayhawks Canadian Exhibition tour. Not only was he dealing with freshman jitters, he was also worried about friends and loved ones back home in Florida who were doing battle with Hurricane Frances.

“It was just the first game and I was a little nervous for the first game,” said Alexander Kaun. “I was upset and frustrated last night. I walked around the city and came home probably around ten o’clock and I watched on the T.V. about Frances because I’m from Florida.”

One of the areas hardest hit by the slow moving Frances was Kaun’s adopted hometown of Melbourne.

“It’s going right through it (Melbourne) it’s going to do some damage,” said Kaun. “I was worried about my girlfriend because she is from Melbourne. But, they moved to Georgia so it was lucky, but I was still trying to see what happened because I was worried about them. She is ok.”

After his 20 point performance during the Langara College game it was obvious that Kaun had found his comfort zone. He played with more confidence and provided plenty of highlights including and open court jam. However, it wasn’t the open court dunk that pleased Kaun the most, it was another move.

“Probably it was the left handed jump hook, because I have been working on those a lot and I usually go right,” said Kaun. “The dunk, it was just a play. I saw the loose ball and I just went for it and it happened.”

Like the rest of his teammates, Kaun is appreciative of the chance to get some extra work on his game in. He’s been very happy with the play of his fellow freshman and is hoping that the Langara game is a sign of things to come.

“I think we all did great, really, really good all of us are doing good. I will try to (score 20) every night, I will try to.”

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