More News, Notes and Observations from Canada

In a blowout situation like Kansas found itself in on Sunday against Langara College, a team has to do what they can to make the most of the situation. As a result, there were some combinations of players on the floor that Kansas fans probably won't ever see again. There were also plenty of other performances and news worth noting.

  • As interesting as the starting five of Alex Galindo, Russell Robinson, C.J. Giles, Stephen Vinson and Moulaye Niang was, it probably wasn’t the most unique lineup of the game. That honor goes to a lineup that saw Keith Langford running the point with Alex Galindo at the two, Christian Moody at the three, Darnell Jackson at the four and Sasha Kaun at the five.
  • Stephen Vinson would be the first to tell you that he doesn’t expect to have another outing like the one he had against Langara. The six-foot-one point guard understands his role as a walk-on but made good when given the chance to play as many minutes in one game, 34, as he is used to seeing in an entire season. With so many players taking the game off, Vinson was given the chance to play so much due to his superior level of fitness and he responded in a big way with nine points, eight assists and four steals.
  • After somewhere in the neighborhood of 2200 fans showed up on Saturday, the crowd thinned considerably during Sunday’s first game. No official attendance figures were available, but the crowd probably shrunk to somewhere in the area of 500 people. Of the crowd, at least 75% were Kansas fans who made a considerable amount of noise.

Drawing the loudest response was Darnell Jackson’s 360 throwdown on a fast break. Also getting big roars were on huge block from C.J. Giles and an attempted three point shot by Moulaye Niang that rimmed out.

  • Langara guard Ken Kuo is a shooter, and that is all he does. The six-foot tall gunner isn’t afraid to pull up from anywhere on the court and let it fly. If he is cold, he’ll do what he can to shoot himself out of a slump just like any shooter would and because of his willingness to keep chucking up scud missiles he put together a shooting day for the ages.

Unfortunately for him, that isn’t a good thing. On the day Kuo pumped up 15 shots and incredibly he managed to miss every single one he took. That’s right, Kuo was 0-15 from the field and that folks isn’t something that you see very often.

  • Kuo wasn’t the only Falcon struggling from the field as Langara shot a miserable 24.1% from the field (14-58). To make matters worse, they didn’t take care of the ball either giving away 26 turnovers. They didn’t do themselves any favors on the boards either as they were out-rebounded by a margin of 56 to 30.
  • Halftime and timeout entertainment and music selections throughout the first few games in Canada have been to say the least, interesting. From mind numbing trivia questions like “What team does Kobe Bryant play for”, to the typical shootout games there has been a little bit of everything. However, the most “interesting” entertainment so far was the halftime performer during the Langara game. You have to give her credit for taking the microphone and showing off her “talent”, but rapper Sheena Finesse should never be allowed within 50 feet of a mic ever again. The looks on the faces of a horrified Kansas team who was waiting to take the court for warm-ups may have made the experience worth it.
  • It is going to be interesting to watch C.J. Giles development because there is a lot of potential locked up in his six-foot-ten frame. He needs to lock himself in a weight room, but the way he runs the court (always on his toes), keeps the ball high above his head, and his soft touch combined with his ability on the defensive end could make him a lot of money some day.
  • The shots weren’t falling for Alex Galindo who only converted on 6 of 15 shots (2-8 on threes) during his 16 point outing. However, that can be attributed to him being a little bit out of shape and playing a hearty 33 minutes and 15 seconds. Once he is in shape the shots will start to fall. More important though are the other things he does. He’s a versatile player and an absolutely terrific rebounder for a wing. He demonstrated the versatility and board ability by grabbing 10 boards, dishing out four assists and coming up with three steals along with numerous deflections. Top Stories