Costner: Tick Tock

Kansas fans might have to sweat out the next few days regarding the status of Brandon Costner, the 6-foot-8 forward from Seton Hall Prep in New Jersey.

Costner, a versatile inside/outside big man who played this past summer for Jimmy Salmon's Playaz program, took an official visit to North Carolina State this past weekend.

"I had a very good time there," Brandon Costner said. "I knew a lot about the school already. But I got to hang out with the players. They were real nice. Tony Bethel was my host. I got along great with him. It was a lot of fun."

When asked if he plans on still taking a trip to Kansas this weekend, Costner stated: "As of right now, yes."

When asked if there was a possibility he could make a decision in favor of NC State and cancel his Kansas visit, he said: "Anything is possible. I am getting tired of the recruiting process."

Costner then added: "Right now the odds are I am going to visit Kansas."

Brandon, who has family just a few hours away from the North Carolina area in Maryland, said he will think about his visit over the next 48 hours and then make a decision on what he does next. For now, the Kansas visit will take place. Top Stories