Hocus Pocius

Please forgive Plymouth (NH) Holderness head coach Jamie Gallagher if his head is spinning right now.

Thanks to the emergence of his star guard Martynas Pocius a 6-5 native of Lithuania as a priority type recruit for some of college basketball's elite things have been a little hectic around his program.

Since few analysts or coaches outside of the likes of Arizona, Duke, Florida, Georgetown, Kansas, Texas and Utah have seen him play, fans have to trust that there are very good reasons that those schools are throwing scholarships in Martynas Pocius’ direction.

“If you give him any space he’s going to make you pay because he is an unbelievable shooter,” Gallagher told Phog.net. “Also, he’s been trying to get to the basket and tear the rim off a lot more lately.”

After a fantastic summer playing overseas in Europe, word about Pocius’ ability spread quickly after things were relatively quiet during his junior campaign. Coaches have fallen in love with his combination of size, shooting ability, fundamental brand of hoops and above average athleticism. According to Gallagher, Kansas has been there all along.

“They’ve been very good, Coach Dooley called every week or two last year to check in and after every game I’d send an update out to 80 coaches or so and he was always following our prep season,” said Gallagher. “Kansas was definitely one of the teams that Marty would root for last year when he could watch hoops.”

Between mandatory study halls and duties with the basketball squad, Pocius was limited to about 30 minutes of hoops a night so his familiarity with Kansas, or any other school, is still limited. With coaches scrambling to Plymouth to make sure that the talented guard knows how much he is wanted, Kansas has been a familiar face.

“Coach Self and Joe Dooley have each been out twice and I think they are both coming again,” said Gallagher. “So they’ve been really active during the recruiting process.”

As active as Kansas has been, no true leader has emerged although Pocius is looking to narrow the schools he’ll focus on. More than likely he’ll look to visit Arizona, Duke, Kansas and maybe Utah -- who watched him play overseas during the summer -- and those visits should be set up within a week or so. From there, odds are Pocius will have a decision sometime in early November.

Playing time is going to be a very important factor, but Gallagher is stressing to his prized pupil to be sure he chooses a school for the right reasons.

“He’s looking for an opportunity to play. Especially with Kansas he’s worried about all the guys they have but he’s worried about it because he’s hearing it from others,” said Gallagher. “I hope he doesn’t let a roster make his decision. If you do that your doing it for the wrong reasons.”

“For instance, if you choose to not go to say Arizona because they have three two guards, well those guys could all go pro and you chose for the wrong reason,” finished Gallagher. “I hope he chooses a school because of the coach, the players and the school not because of how many two guards are on their roster.”

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