Phog Phaces: Aquanita Burras

The "Bonnie Ball" era tipped off on Tuesday at Allen Fieldhouse as new KU women's basketball Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson and her team took part in 2004 Media Day festivities.

The Kansas players fielded a full court press of questions ranging from season goals to concerns about their lack of depth.  

5-9 Senior Guard Aquanita Burras

On Coach Henrickson’s strong emphasis on conditioning and its long term benefit:

“The conditioning is going to help us in the long run.  I feel that by doing it everyday, which we do, it is going to help us out when we get to the Big 12, when we have to run those long minutes.  The season builds up and get just gets longer and longer and that means our conditioning will be a lot better.”

On the need to stay healthy with just ten players on the 2004-2005 roster:

“Everybody is going to have to stay healthy and we have to make sure that with the little, minor injuries that we treat it.  Like I said, we’re not going to even worry about (our lack of depth).

On the possibility of a faster tempo under Henrickson:

“It’s going to help us tremendously even with the height issue.  We’re going to be able to run up and down the court because no one is going to be able to keep us with us, because everyone has two post players.  We’re going to have four guards out there maybe sometimes, so it’s going to work and that’s going to be a plus for us.”

On her role as a leader

“Definitely, I can be a leader.  One thing I had to work on his my vocal (leadership).  I had a problem with that for the recent years.  I just need to be more vocal.”

David Dunn contributed to this story. Photo by Jeff Jacobsen. Top Stories