The Downs All Set for Late Night

This morning Micah Downs, his father Steve and a pair of friends will board a plane and make the trip from Seattle to Lawrence for Late Night festivities. According to the elder Downs, they couldn't be more excited.

“We’re really excited to get on that plane in the morning and go to Lawrence,” Steve Downs told “I know Micah is fired up and I haven’t seen the campus yet myself so I’m really pumped.”

Actually, “really pumped”, could be an understatement when it comes to how excited Mr. Downs is for his trip out to Lawrence. He’s been on cloud nine since his son offered up a commitment to Bill Self last May and he’s looking to soak in as much Lawrence, KS atmosphere as possible before heading home Saturday evening.

“This is an exciting event to be a part of. I’m looking forward to talking to some of the people I met up in Canada,” said Downs. “I’m also looking to run around and talk to some of the fans and maybe find a nice sports pub or something and just relax and meet some people.”

“I’m also looking forward to talking to the coaches again. When they were up here for the in home visit it was like a Thanksgiving dinner. We just sat around and ate and talked like a big family.”

As for his son, Mr. Downs says that Micah has made the transition to Juanita (WA) High with ease and that he’s fully adjusted to his new school. He’s been working on his game on a daily basis and the already tall wing has continued to grow and now stands six feet eight and three quarter inches tall, and could grow some more.

For Micah Downs, the trip is going to be about spending some time with his friends and future teammates and hopefully getting a couple of pickup games in. For dad, the trip is all about being fan after getting a small taste of KU hoops during the Canada trip. Mr. Downs admits that he may be more excited for the trip than his son.

“Sitting there with the fans, I really had to hold back tears. I was in complete awe sitting behind the bench up there in Canada,” said Downs. “I never thought that I’d be able to do something like that and then to have somebody like Coach Self into our house. You know, I never thought we’d have somebody like that in our house.”

More than anything, he has a lot of pride for his son and is thankful to be getting all of these opportunities.

“I’m getting to meet a lot of wonderful people because of Micah. He’s such a calm kid and takes this all in stride and he’s been a real blessing. This game of basketball has also been very good to us.” Top Stories