Matt Bouldin: Late Night Veteran

<p>Matt Bouldin, a 6-5 SG from Highlands Ranch, CO, has made a number of trips to Late Night, and this one didn't disappoint.</p>

This weekend’s unofficial visit to Kansas for Late Night festivities wasn’t Matt Bouldin’s first time experience with the annual season opening hoops festivities. It wasn’t his second either, and after this year’s edition the six-foot-five inch junior from Highlands Ranch (CO) Thunder Ridge can carve a third notch in his Late Night belt.

“I’d been to Late Night twice before, one of my friends is a really big KU fan and we’d go out there,” Bouldin told “He had said last year that I’d probably be invited to one of these this year and it was funny that it turned out to be Kansas.”

Even though he had an idea of what he was getting into after experiencing the festivities as a fan, Bouldin was excited to see things from a different point of view.

“It was really cool being able to see it kind of from a backstage perspective and kind of be a part of it,” said Bouldin. “The players and the coaches were great and real welcoming and it was so cool being able to see all of those people there.”

As much as he enjoyed the skits, dancing and the scrimmage, Bouldin was more interested in seeing a real practice. On Saturday he got his wish and the difference was noticeable.

“On Friday night it seemed like they just messed around and played some pickup, but Saturday was just awesome,” continued Bouldin. “They work really hard and you can see why they are such a great program. From my perspective it really helps me to see the things that I need to work on and what I need to do to get to that level.”

As for putting together a school list, Bouldin hasn’t put much thought into it. He’s still early in the process and is waiting to see who else is going to add to the early offers he’s gotten from Washington State, Colorado, Colorado State and SMU and his plan is to keep things open until next summer.

“I’m really just trying to keep it open right now and see who comes along,” said Bouldin. “I’m looking at a lot of schools right now but Kansas is definitely one of them I’m interested in.”

After taking some time to reflect on his experience, Bouldin couldn’t pinpoint one particular on court event or moment as his favorite part of the visit. It was the off the court experience that was more important to him.

“My favorite moment of Late Night, well it was probably spending time with the players in the locker room and stuff like that. I really got to know what they were like and learn a little of what the KU family is all about.” Top Stories