Tough to Tackle

When you are preparing to face the second ranked team in the country, there are plenty of things to be concerned about. For the Jayhawks, one of those is Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson.

The freshman leads the OU rushing attack with an average of 150.2 yards per game, placing him 3rd in the Big 12. Peterson also has six touchdowns.

"He gets out on the edges so quickly and he accelerates very fast," said coach Mark Mangino.

"Once he gets rolling, he is so powerful that you have to wrap him up or you are not going to bring him down. If you try to throw a shoulder at him or dive at his ankles, there is no chance."

"We are going to have to keep our feet and run through tackles, because if you don't move you feet he can run right through you. He is very impressive," agreed linebacker Banks Floodman.

"He is a heck of a runner. We are going to have to swarm, because he does not go down with one tackle."

In last week's win over K-State, the Jayhawks faced another top running back in Darren Sproles. Kansas held Sproles to just 73 yards rushing and no touchdowns -- nearly 60 yards below his season average. Peterson is a bit of a different type of player.

"He is a lot bigger back. Sproles is short and elusive, but Peterson is elusive plus he is big and fast. It's a package deal with him," explained Floodman.

"He is going to be tough to tackle, but we are excited about the opportunity." Top Stories