Press Conference Notes

<p>Wednesday afternoon, Kansas Basketball head coach Bill Self met with the media like he does on a weekly basis. According to Self, junior forward Christian Moody will start alongside senior Wayne Simien in the frontcourt on Friday evening against Vermont.

As usual, Bill Self discussed plenty of topics ranging from Washburn to Vermont to Alex Galindo’s playing time. We’ve compiled some of the highlights from Wednesday’s press conference.

About coming out with the expected intensity against Washburn?

“If you talked to our players since our media day at the Big 12, I’ve been on their butt everyday about not practicing with enough intensity. Did it surprise me? It did surprise me a little bit, but it didn’t shock me and I think it was probably a good thing that it happened to be honest.”

On whether or not to expect a look at Alex Galindo on Friday evening, and his performance at practice as he gets into shape?

“Alex hopefully will play but right now he’s in not in the top five on the perimeter so we’re going to play our top five perimeter players the majority of the minutes go from there.  Could he be in there? Absolutely, he needs to be ready but I can’t say positively.”

“Practice has gone better for Alex each day that he is getting healthier and starting to get in shape. But, if it is going to take those big guys time it’s going to take Alex time. He missed three weeks of practice or whatever so it’s going to take him time to get in the flow and be ready to help you in a close game.”

On how the freshman have adjusted to college?

“Russell is the only one who is not overwhelmed right now. I think it is still going to overwhelming to him, but the other three big guys it’s overwhelming, how could it not be? These guys there’s been pressure put on them and rightfully so because they need to deliver, and certainly all three big guys are going to be terrific players and Alex is going to be a terrific player too, there is no doubt about that. It’s one thing to play up and down, pickup but when you get into situations and when possessions are magnified, forgetting to ball screen down screen one time is the difference in getting a shot that possession or not. Then it puts more pressure on them and those are the kind of things that they’ve got to be able to react to and handle, will they do it? Absolutely, but I don’t know many freshman who just step in and are automatically there.”

Self on what he sees from Vermont.

“This isn’t coach-speak, but if I’m not mistaken they’re 36th or 37th in the A.P. by votes. You look at some teams that they got more votes than and you think that this will be a tough opener which it will be. The nervous thing is that we don’t have anything on tape except the last games from of last year and some other games they played early in the game last year. So we’ve got enough stuff based on last year but if they change a ton we’ll be on the fly there.”

On Vermont star forward Tyler Coppenwrath.

“Coppenwrath is a potential first round draft pick. You guys will like watching him play because the game is in slow motion to him. He never gets in a hurry, he’s a good athlete and he’s shot fake, shot fake, shot fake, step through. He can play on the perimeter, he’s really, really good, great hands and would for sure be a first team all-leaguer in our league. He’s for sure that type of guy who could be a first team all-leaguer in the Big 12.” Top Stories