What the Jayhawks are saying leading up to the Border Showdown

Today at 1 PM the Kansas Jayhawks will battle the Missouri Tigers in the annual Border Showdown game.  Last season Kansas upset the Tigers in Lawrence 35-14 despite being double digit underdogs heading into the game.  This year Kansas is again the underdog (by 11 points), but both teams have lost four straight games and this rivalry has proven over the years that anything can happen when the KU and Mizzou get together.  Brian Luke, Marc Simmons and Kevin Kane met with the media earlier this week to preview today’s game and here’s what they had to say about Border Showdown 2004.

Starting Quarterback Brian Luke

On what a win would mean to Kansas:

“It would be a great way for the team to end the season, to leave this season with a taste of victory going into next season.   It could really just propel us into next year and leave us with good thoughts going into next season.”

On the Missouri defense he’ll face:

“They're definitely a good defense.  They've got a lot of great talent.  Especially just in this conference, every team you face is going to have a lot of talent.  Missouri's got a great defense.  We're watching a lot of tape on them and I think we'll be able to make the most of it on Saturday”

Starting Wide Receiver Marc Simmons

On the challenge of scoring against Missouri:

”Pass-wise, they're a pretty good defense, but so is Texas and we marched down the field on Texas a couple of times and got a lot of points. So, we feel we can do the same against anybody we play.  Texas is the #5 team in the nation and since we did well against them we feel we can do well against anybody.”

On the Border Showdown Rivalry:

“There's a lot of hatred going on.  I'm not sure, but I don't think they like us.  I love it.  I mean it brings the game more excitement, you know what I’m saying?  The crowd yelling -- whether it's for you or against you -- you always feel the energy.  So, it brings your level of play up.”

Starting Linebacker Kevin Kane

On the importance of today’s game:

“I've been looking forward to this game all year long.  It's going to be a good time.  Me being from Missouri and everything, it means a lot more to me.

The fact that it is the last game of the year and could send you off to the off-season with a great feeling (is important).  It's definitely just going to be a fun time going out there to Missouri where they don't like us and the fans yell and scream at us.  It's just going to be a fun time going out there.”

Expectations for today’s game:

“Our goal for every game is the same: just go out there and outplay the other defense.  Whatever that takes is what we have to do.  We have to contain Brad Smith.  We have to limit his running ability and his throwing ability and just go out there and play four quarters.”

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