Coach Mike Bethea on Rodrick Stewart

<p>Rainier Beach High School head coach Mike Bethea has another former player that might be interested in Kansas.</p>

6-4 guard Rodrick Stewart announced earlier this month that he plans to leave USC, where he started 17 games a season ago as a freshman.  Last night, the talented sophomore was in Lawrence checking out KU's 91-51 win over St. Joseph's.  Today on KLWN's Rock Chalk Sports Talk, Stewart's former high school coach will share his thoughts on Stewart's potential and the current decision he has on his hands.  Here are some highlights from the Bethea's conversation with KLWN that was taped Wednesday morning and will air at 4:20 central.

Describing Stewart key attributes:

"Rodrick is a type of player that is just very exciting to watch.  I tell people that he's a 6-4 version of my kid that's playing at Washington, Nate Robinson.  He's 6-4, cat-quick, possesses about a 38-inch vertical and the one thing about Rodrick is that he just plays so hard and he has a will to win.  I think that if Kansas is his choice, that is the thing that is going to really thrill the fans more than anything -- the fact of how hard he plays."

Labeling Stewart as a player:

"I really like the way that Coach Bibby down at USC kind of categorized Rodrick.  He kind of categorized him as the second-coming of Jason Kidd.  That's how highly Coach Bibby thought of him.  I think he'll carve his niche out being the defensive stopper.  He'll control the game defensively as well as offensively.  That's the type of impact he'll have on the game."   

On how Stewart could potentially fit in at Kansas:

"I think he'd be a great fit for Kansas.  Just for the simple fact that he just wants to come in and be a part of a winning program, a part of the winning tradition.  He's the type of kid that's just so used to winning, he wants to get in where he fits in."

On a possible timetable for a decision:

"It may be within the next week or so.  When he gets here we'll sit down and talk about maybe taking another visit or so, or maybe even not taking another visit and then just going from there. I know the dad has expressed and Rodrick has expressed that he doesn't want this thing to draw out. He wants to hurry up and get it done."

On the chance of Stewart picking Kansas after his visit this week:

"If he goes someplace and he feels like that's a good fit and that's home, he'll make up his mind right away.  The fact that Chester (Giles) is there, it will play a real big part in it.  Just all the stories that Chester has told him about how close knit and how much of a family you guys are down there and stuff.  It wouldn't surprise me one bit if he came home and said I don't need to take anymore visits."

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