Top 10 Players in KU Basketball History?

We convened a jury of long-time members to help choose the top ten players in Kansas basketball history. Whom would you choose? How well did our esteemed panel do? Find out this week.<br>

In May of this past year, Scott Hamele of Vintage Sports came to to help determine the ten best players in KU history. Local Artist, Susan Sinclair has been commissioned to complete a painting of this very special team.  With the mission in mind of choosing the top ten players in KU history, the admins determined a list of "jury members" to discuss, debate, and come to a consensus that all could live with. In the end, their ten choices would become both art and history.

The jury was chosen to represent those whose tenure on has proved long and loyal. The jury is composed of those who have proven over time to have an understanding of the talents of those from all eras. Ultimately, the average age of the committee members skews higher, though it spans many years. This mission required all to lay down their allegiance to personal or era favorites. Every player was to be discussed rationally, and without prejudice.

After a couple weeks, our jury came to an agreement on who should be represented in the painting. The discussions were intriguing (as you will soon find out) and while the debate may still rage, the members did come to consensus. This week we will disclose the top ten players in KU hoops history as defined by the Phog faithful. We will begin by announcing the first three players tomorrow, the next three on Wednesday, the following three on Thursday, and the final member on Friday. In addition, once the ten have been named, we'll open up a special forum called the "jury room" where you can read the arguments made for and against the various candidates. This is the forum where our jury battled it out to come up with their ten picks.  We decided to wait until basketball season to make the announcements to ensure that all KU hoops fans could participate in the lively debate that is sure to entertain.

Our hope is that this effort will spur good debate and discussion for phoggies young and old alike.  Perhaps the best thing to come of this effort is that you all will get a chance to read a bit more from our beloved friend and moderator, Gorillahawk. Rilla was a member of the jury and his insights on this debate will leave you knowing he knew and cared a great deal about KU hoops. The task of naming the best ten players was carried out and completed just a few weeks before Rilla's death. It's a fitting and lasting testimony to his legacy here at

The jury members were:

  • FrankJ
  • DocHolliday
  • CousinEddie
  • 1Gorillahawk
  • Phogfan150
  • EarthdogFred
  • JayhawkMom
  • IntrepidJayhawk
  • AuralTooth
  • WineandCheeser

The painting will be completed in the near future, but first things first...........Tomorrow will begin the unveiling of the Top Ten Players in KU Basketball History. Let the debate begin! Top Stories