Coach Self on TCU

Tuesday afternoon, Kansas men's basketball head coach Bill Self spent some time with the media as he does on a weekly basis. Among the areas of discussion were Christian Moody's continued starting, the development of the freshman big men, and of course Thursday evening's opponent, TCU.<br>

Bill Self on why Christian Moody has remained the fifth starter:

“Well he understands what we’re doing more so than the other guys. It’s not so much, sometimes, whose the better player it’s like who allows you to be a better team. Right now during certain situations he probably allows us to be a better team. In the second half the other day we changed our mode and how we played and we hadn’t even practiced that with the other guys. He’s done nice things, he’s done some things. He’s not going to get 25 minutes often in a game but he certainly deserves minutes but we’ve got to play our young guys more, that’s my fault, we’ve got to play them more.”

On whether or not Self would like one of the freshman bigs to emerge as the man:

“What I’d like to do is have one of them emerge and be a starter, I really would. That’s not a knock against Christian, we’ve talked about this but right now Christian deserves the minutes he’s getting and deserves to start but we’d be better as a team if we could play bigger. Wayne could get the four man on him more often and guard the four, so that’s what I hope. But, I still see their minutes being pretty equal, I still see them being all 10-18 minutes a game guy depending on the situation and how the games going that day. I’d love to have one of them emerge as the starter.”

On how the three freshman big men have varied:

“Last week Sasha was probably the best, no doubt about it. Then Darnell was the best in the game the other day so it just varies. But, C.J.’s got the most potential, but I think it just varies. It’s still new to them and they’ve got a lot of things going on in they’re head and it’s pretty cluttered. Until they can get where they play without thinking it’s going to be that way for a while. That’s the way it is with most freshman, it’s just that most freshman on a highly ranked team you don’t anticipate them coming in and one’s going to start.”

Self on whether or not Langford’s knee has held him back:

“I think his knee told his brain that it didn’t feel very good. Where, vice-versa your brain can tell your knee that it’s fine. I think that’s something that all guys coming off injuries go through. I think that’s a natural progression until you really, really test it and know that you can come back after testing it. It’s like the football player gets hit the first time after he hurts his knee or whatever and gets up and says I’m ok. I think that his knee structurally is fine, but I think mentally he had to get through things and a lot of athletes have to go through that. I think he’s close to being right where he needs to be, I thought he was really good the other day and he was good in practice yesterday so he’s becoming more and more aggressive.”

Regarding TCU’s athleticism:

“TCU is the quickest team, I haven’t said that about the other ones, they’ll probably be the quickest team we play. Maybe Georgia Tech, maybe Oklahoma State, but I would say that TCU as far as the bodies they put out there and how they pressure us they’ll be the as quick or quicker than any team we play this year. I consider speed and quickness being a gauge of athletic ability more than anything else so I’d say they’ll be as athletic as we play against.”

On how Teams are playing Giddens differently and what he needs to do:

“He  hasn’t had a lot of open looks and teams will crowd him and make him put it down and that kind of stuff. He’s improved at that, but the biggest thing he’s got to do is he’s got to be able to play before he has the ball because that sets up his whole shot. If he gets better at playing before he catches it he’ll get guys to close out where he can drive it and he’ll be able to score off the catch. If he plays after he catches it teams will take certain strengths away and that just comes with experience and time, but J.R. is doing fine. But, he hasn’t had any monster breakout stretches like a lot of people would have anticipated he would by now.”

On what is so different about Wayne Simien:

“He’s got no agenda, he’s just about winning. The guys that play the best don’t have any agendas, they’re just out there competing. Scorer’s mentalities they can get frustrated but that’s something he’s going to have deal with at different times, great players still find a way and he’s a great player. He may not have all 20 point games but he can do a lot of things to help us win. Just like the other day. If he’s not that involved and still gets 12 and 15 I think we’ll win most nights. But, 12 shots a game for him is not enough, he needs to be around that 15 or 16 shot a game guy and then get to the free throw line.” Top Stories