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Scheyer Embraces Fundamental Label

Jon Scheyer doesn't mind the label of "fundamentally sound". In fact, he's doing all that he can to ensure that the label fits him perfectly.<br>

Even though they won’t necessarily admit it, some kids fear being labeled as fundamentally sound. Many kids fear that being described as fundamentally sound means that people don’t consider them to be athletic or that their game lacks style. While that may certainly fit in some instances, a kid can never go wrong with strong fundamentals and that is part of what makes Jon Scheyer such a good prospect.

Rather than worrying about any between the lines connotations, the 6-5 guard embraces being known as fundamentally sound.

“During the season I’ll spend a half an hour after each practice just working on ball-handling or little fundamental things like passing or whatever it might be,” said Scheyer. “Those are the most important things of the game and to get those down helps me a lot.”

The extra work he puts in shows each time he takes the court and because of that the junior at Northbrook (IL) Glenbrook North has developed into one of the premier recruits in the country. Watch him play the game and you have to appreciate the way he puts himself into position to score time and time again thanks to his work away from the ball. His jumper is picture perfect and Scheyer always seems to find an open man when he can’t get his own shot.

According to Scheyer, the key is finding a nice mix between old-school fundamental play and today’s high flying style of ball and he uses the summer to do that.

“I think most people worry about dunking and shooting threes to be honest,” said Scheyer. “It’s hard not to get caught up in it but playing with the Illinois Warriors over the summer has helped me develop my game playing against faster, stronger and quicker guys.”

Because of his advanced skill and the ability to play in a controlled or wide open style of game, colleges have come calling en masse. Pretty much any program in the country would be happy to take a commitment from him right now, and Scheyer is doing his best to whittle down the list while striving towards a state championship.

“My short list right now is Illinois, Arizona, Duke, Michigan State, Kansas, Wisconsin and Cal, seven schools,” Scheyer told Phog.net. “I’m going to try and cut it down to three or four here real soon. When you have so many schools involved it gets to be too much sometimes so to cut it down is going to be a big relief to me.”

Scheyer isn’t sure exactly when the cut-down date for his school list will be but odds are it will be sometime in the next few months. He’s got an idea of which schools are going to make his shortened list, but for now he’s playing things close to the vest to make sure he picks the right schools.

“I’ve got an idea which schools I like the most, but I’m trying to keep that quiet right now, we’ll just have to see.”

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