Meier: "It's a great place to be"

On Wednesday afternoon, Kansas commit Kerry Meier appeared on KLWN's Rock Chalk Sports Talk with Brian Hanni and Jud Easterday. Here are the highlights of their conversation with the Pittsburg High quarterback.<br>

Kerry Meier Profile

On his excitement over picking the Jayhawks:

 "Me and my family are very excited about me becoming a Jayhawk.  It's a great place to be and I can't wait to get up there and get started."

On why he ultimately picked KU over Texas A&M and Kansas State:

"I think the key factor was it's where I'm most comfortable.  I came up for a visit on the 3rd (of December) and as soon as I came into town I knew that this was the place for me. This is where I'm most comfortable.

Another key was this is a great opportunity.  It's a chance for me to come in and maybe even start from my freshman year.  But I'm just looking forward of getting up there, getting to work, getting to know my teammates and getting in the flow of things with the Jayhawks."

 On how he'll fit into the Kansas quarterback picture:

"Right now they're a little banged up at the quarterback situation.  They've brought up that as I get there I've got a chance.  Coach Mangino, he's told me that it doesn't matter whether you're a senior or a freshman coming in, he's going to put the best player out there to get KU into winning situations.  So, it's kind of up in the air right now.  We'll go through it and see.  I mean he's going to put the guy he's most comfortable with out there to play.

On his willingness to take a redshirt his first season:

"Well, when I think about it, I feel more comfortable being a redshirt.  I need to get up there and I want to put some work in before I do something.  I mean, I've got to get up there and be able to trust my players, build confidence and give them confidence in me. But I guess if my name calls and I gotta play, then I gotta do it.  I'll be more than willing to do it. I'd do anything to help the team win, but right now I feel that I need to put some work in before I do something."

On what he'll need to work on to make the jump from high school to Div. 1 football:

"I was talking to my brother Dylan up at K-State and he said the biggest thing you're going to have to deal with is the speed of the game.  He said it's night and day compared to high school and I that's just going to take reps in games and reps in practice.  I feel like I need to develop all areas of my game, even my physical attributes.

Also, I think the biggest key would probably be developing and learning the offense at KU.  It's so much different from high school, our high school.  Just developing my whole physical abilities and mental abilities at the quarterback position."

On the possibility of someday playing against Dylan in the Sunflower Showdown game:

"Yeah, it's crossed my mind a couple of times.  A couple of people have brought it up.  But yeah, I've thought about it a few times and it'd be a little different but I think it'd be pretty neat at the same time." Top Stories