Bouldin Expecting Visit from Kansas

Keeping one eye on the bucket and one eye on the stands is difficult, so Matt Bouldin is trying his best to focus on what's happening <i>on</i> the court.<br>

Perhaps one of the most refreshing things about following recruiting is seeing just how different kids can be. Some consider being recruited to be an honor, some don’t care and others are complete attention hounds. You can probably go ahead and chalk up Highlands Ranch (CO) Thunder Ridge’s star junior Matt Bouldin up in the category of those who think the whole process is pretty cool.

However, the 6-5 PG/WG who is being courted by the likes of Kansas, Notre Dame, Stanford, Colorado, Colorado State, UConn, Cal, Gonzaga and several others doesn’t let the process run his life.

“I really try not to think a lot about the recruiting process during the season,” Bouldin told “I came up with that on my own because my main focus needs to be my season and school and all of that other stuff will come along if I handle those things first.”

Bouldin also has another pretty practical reason for trying to put thoughts about who might be there watching him on the backburner.

“I’d probably try to do too much and it would mess with my game if I spent too much time thinking about whose watching,” says Bouldin. “You can’t completely ignore it though.”

As his list of suitors would suggest, schools haven’t been able to ignore Bouldin either. His size and ability to run the point are very attractive and he’s a smart player who finds ways to win. He’s become much more effective off of the dribble and is becoming a dangerous three-point shooter as well while continuing to improve his lateral quickness and develop more of a killer instinct.

The bottom line with Bouldin -- who averages 16 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists per outing -- is that he wants to win.

“I think we have a great team and anybody on my team is capable of putting up 20,” says Bouldin of his team. “I could probably score more and do more personally, but it would probably take away from my team.”

While he’s doing his best to remain open and won’t really think about narrowing his list down until later this spring, Bouldin is interested in Kansas. He was in Lawrence for Late Night in the Phog during October, stays in touch with the Kansas staff, and assistant coach Joe Dooley is scheduled to come out and watch him this week.

“I talk to them every once in a while and my dad talks to them all the time, I’ve talked to Coach Self some and Coach Dooley too,” says Bouldin about Kansas. “Kansas is awesome. It’s just one of those programs that you know is elite.” Top Stories