'Nova Blowout Leaves Plenty to Wonder About

If the previous 14 KU basketball games hadn't raised a few questions among the KU faithful (the team included), Saturday's trip behind a Philadelphia woodshed known as the Wachovia Center surely will.<br>

As I semi-watched (on TV, like most of you) the lineup of Nick Bahe, Jeff Hawkins, Sasha Kaun, Darnell Jackson and somebody else – sorry, I had begun cleaning out the junk drawer in the kitchen by this time – get playing time that they probably didn’t count on when they left the team hotel, I started to wonder about a lot of things as we head into the second half of what is supposed to be a memorable season.

I wonder when the Jayhawks will finally buy – and I mean totally – into what Bill Self is selling, because I’m still not convinced they are.

I wonder if the Jayhawk starters learned anything from watching a clinic in what it’s like to get a team down big and keep them there.  After all, they had the best seat in the house.

I wonder when Keith Langford will show up for 40 minutes.

I wonder when someone will tell J.R. Giddens that if all those NBA scouts are looking for good shooters who have also perfected the jump-in-the-air-and-pass-the-ball-to-the-opponent move, he’s still a lottery pick.

I wonder when Wayne Simien forgot how to shoot free throws.

I wonder when Aaron Miles decided spin moves in the lane are the best way to chip away at a 14-point deficit.

I wonder where even a trace of the poise and toughness shown at Lexington and against Georgia Tech – not to mention senior leadership – was Saturday.

I wonder if KU is really that bad (no), and I wonder if Villanova is really that good (not sure yet).

I wonder how many fans will blast Self for using the last 10 minutes of the game as a lab project for the future instead of trying to keep it closer.

I don’t wonder how we’ll come out against Baylor, but I do wonder how we’ll start to look 10 minutes in, after the post-Villanova rear-end chewing wears off.

And I wonder how many other Kansas fans are overreacting like I am after one lousy performance and the loss that was bound to come anyway.

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