Bilas: "I can't imagine a better atmosphere"

While he's always had nice things to say about the KU Jayhawks, ESPN's Jay Bilas was especially effusive in his praise after Saturday night's 90-65 thumping of the Texas Longhorns.

“I thought the atmosphere was unbelievable,” Bilas said.

“I’ve been here before, but it’s just such an unbelievable place.  It has such character.  I can’t say I’ve ever been in a better arena,” he continued.

Bilas also said that while he wasn’t surprised Kansas put all the puzzle pieces together for Dick Vitale, the ESPN College Game Day crew and a national TV audience, one thing did surprise him.

“I was surprised by the margin of victory.  KU played so well, especially defensively.  They just took the ball out of (Texas guard Daniel) Gibson’s hands.  Gibson showed the second half he’s a really good player, but Kansas really limited him.”

He also praised KU all-American Wayne Simien.  “Simien was awesome.  I mean, every time he got the ball, something good happened,” Bilas said.

According to ESPN’s “Mania Meter,” KU’s crowd easily beat their counterparts at Connecticut, last week’s College Game Day location. Top Stories