Action Jackson

Whether he's dropping dimes or breaking ankles with his wicked crossover, PG Tory Jackson does it with style. The Kansas coaches are working to get involved, and the details are inside.<br>

Some players look at basketball as a form of self expression and there is no doubt that Tory Jackson plays the game with plenty of style. However, the 5-10 junior PG from Saginaw (MI) Buena Vista isn’t out there trying to entertain fans, he’s trying to win and knows that he has to keep his composure.

Still, he can’t help but get a little excited when he drops a would-be defender to the floor or hangs them on his deadly crossover dribble.

“It’s crazy, you’ve got to try and keep your composure when you make somebody fall down,” Jackson told Phog.Net. “You want to look, but you can’t because you still need to do what you’ve got to do. It feels good though.”

Lately Jackson has been making a lot of people, namely coaches from high major basketball programs, feel pretty good about what he’s doing on the basketball court.

A scoring point guard, Jackson is a jet with the ball in his hands and gets to the rim at will and has a nasty mid-range game. When his jumper is rolling from beyond the three point arc he’s capable of putting up huge numbers as evidenced by his season high of 42. According to Jackson, he’s only been held under 30 twice this season and is also chipping in nearly 10 assists and 10 rebounds a game while leading his team to a 9-5 record.

“I like passing the ball, it makes everybody look good,” said Jackson. “When you make a good pass the player who gets it is happy and wants to score and the crowd appreciates it too.”

At this point Jackson has a list of seven schools that stand out. Michigan, Michigan State, Florida, Louisville, Illinois, Kansas and Cincinnati make up his list and Kansas had an assistant coach in the building for his last game when he dropped in a cool 33 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists.

The only school certain to receive a visit at this point is Florida, but Jackson is keeping Kansas in mind and likes the Jayhawks guard play.

“Kansas is a nice school, and they are really well coached,” said Jackson. “Their guards like Aaron Miles and Keith Langford do a lot of stuff and have some freedom out there to create.

“I’ve been talking to Coach Townsend lately and I’m really planning to consider them.” Top Stories