Hinrich and Chicago: A Perfect Match

Sticking a kid from Sioux City, IA, in Chicago may seem like an idea for a bad sitcom, but in reality, it's a runaway smash hit for both the kid and the City of the Big Shoulders.

In his two seasons as a Bull, former Jayhawk Kirk Hinrich has quickly become a crowd favorite on a young team that is in the process of becoming competitive again.  And considering the success that the Bulls had with old whats-his-name playing guard, winning the respect and appreciation of the Bulls fans might not be an easy task.

But it’s been easier than one might think, says Hinrich.  Hinrich was in Lawrence this past Saturday, enjoying his NBA All-Star break by watching the KU-Iowa State game.

“The city’s a blue-collar city.  They understand what hard work is, and that’s what I try to do every night: go out and work hard,” Hinrich said.

However, in typical Hinrich fashion, he quickly turned the focus away from himself and put it on his team.

“As a team, that’s what we’re trying to do, is show our fans that we work hard.  And the fans really appreciate that in Chicago.”

And as for the match between the player and the city, you don’t need to worry.

“I love Chicago,” Hinrich said.  “As far as sports towns to play in, it’s the best.  It’s a fun city.  I really like it, and I’d like to spend my whole career there.”

If Hinrich and the Baby Bulls continue to develop and make Chicago a playoff team again, Bulls fans will no doubt be pleased with that arrangement, too.

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