No Distractions

Shortly after the tournament selection announcement, Kansas coach Bill Self already had words of wisdom for his team.

"I told them that you have been a one, a two and a four seed since you have been here and you haven't won it all yet, so maybe the No. 3 seed is the one," joked Self.

"Being a No. 3 seed isn't disappointing. We are happy we are going to Oklahoma City. Hopefully, it won't be a distraction for our players who are around there. Certainly, it is good for our fans."

Another potential distraction is the possibility of a much hyped match up between the Jayhawks and North Carolina. While some fans of both teams may be eagerly anticipating the game, Self stated that is not an emphasis for the coaching staff.

"If it is a distraction we won't get the chance to play in that game. If you don't win, there is no reason to prepare anymore. North Carolina is not on my brain at all," said Self.

"The first game is all this team should be focused on and thinking about," cautioned Self.

While senior Michael Lee understands the one-game-at-a-time mentality, he confessed to sneaking a peek around the bracket and being pleased to find North Carolina.

"It put a little smile on my face," admitted Lee. "I would love to get a chance to play against my former coach. I think it would make for a great game."

"It would be a great atmosphere with the traditions of both schools being so great," added Lee.

Lee's teammate agreed with the potential excitement, but also echoed the caution of his coach.

"It would be an exciting basketball game but we are not going to look at it like that. We have to take it one game at a time," emphasized senior point guard Aaron Miles.

"When I look at the bracket I am excited. I think every region is real tough. Everyone is equal. Anyone can beat anyone on any given night," said Miles.

"This is when it really counts," agreed Lee. "Forget about all the losses, conference tournaments and seeding. It doesn't really matter. You just have to match up and play well. We as a team understand that very well," said Lee. Top Stories