Bracket Challenge Begins is teaming up with Yahoo and ESPN to bring you the official "I want a national title" tournament bracket challenge. Win prizes; earn accolades.

Winners for each group will win a fan package which includes:

  • Three months premium access on
  • A one year subscription to Jayhawk Illustrated
  • A JI t-shirt
  • All the associated fame and glory

    The overall winner will also receive a copy of "Fifty at the Phog" and trash talking rights for an entire year!

    Sign-ups are being accepted now will end March 17 before the games begin.

    Please note that your login and password will not be accepted for this game. There are two choices.

    Yahoo / Pick 'Em

    You must use or create a Yahoo log in. Once you are logged in, you will be asked to choose your name for the tournament challenge. At that point you can use your handle if you desire. Tournament Challenge

    You will also need to search for the correct group.

    Groups 1-3 are full. Currently users should sign up in:

    Group ID: 51509
    Group Name: Group#4
    Group Password: 1234

    As this group fills up, we will create new groups as needed and post the info here.

    Thanks to Kirbonzi for organizing this year's Pick 'Em with Yahoo. ESPN Tournament Challenge

    There are also several Phog groups over on the ESPN site. To join, you need to:

    1)Sign up 2) Search for
    3) Password "kansas"

    ESPN Tournament Challenge

    Thanks to Bricklayer for organizing this year's tournament challenge with ESPN.


    Get set for the NCAA Tournament! Read the March issue of Jayhawk Illustrated, available entirely online at no cost.

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