Miles Reacts to KU's Bracket

Minutes after finding out KU's path to the Final Four, caught up with Kansas guard Aaron Miles to talk about his reaction to the 2005 bracket.<br>  Aaron, let's start with your reaction to finding out you'd be a part of the Syracuse region and get to start your tournament run in Oklahoma City?

AM: "It didn't matter where we were playing, for me.  It was just finding out who we were playing -- that's the most important thing.  Now we just have to get prepared for them."  How about your initial thoughts on being paired up with Bucknell in the first round and Wisconsin and Northern Iowa potentially there in round two?

AM:  "I don't know too much about Bucknell.  I do know that they beat Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh.  They beat Holy Cross who has been a pretty good team.  As far as Northern Iowa and Wisconsin, we're just going to deal with Bucknell first. The coaching staff is going to do a good job and get us prepared." Does the team feel slighted by getting a three seed?

AM:  "No, I mean when you know when you consider the fact that we lost five of our last eight games.  You gotta think that you're going to drop a few."  What were you thinking as the CBS commentators were breaking down the Syracuse region and Jim Nantz called it one of the best he'd ever seen?

AM:  "Every region has some depth to it.  There's another bracket that's pretty tough (too).  Every bracket is tough nowadays."  What was your reaction to seeing North Carolina atop your region and the potential for a meeting with Coach Williams in the Elite Eight?

AM:  "It wasn't the fact that I saw North Carolina.  I doesn't matter who we play against at all.  If we meet him, if we meet North Carolina, we meet North Carolina.  We just want to get there.  That's all.  That's what we're playing for."  When Coach Williams first left for Chapel Hill, did you ever think about potentially hooking up with the Tar Heels someday in the tournament?

AM:  "Of course you thought, 'Wow,' (that would be something).  But you know I would have liked to have met them in the championship game.  Right now it all depends on us handling our business and they've got to handle their business."

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