McDonald's Round Up: Player Analysis

We already unveiled the top ten performers this past week at the McDonald's All American activities. Now let's look at the rest of the top talent on hand.


11. Richard Hendrix - It was a fairly quiet week of action for the tough kid from Alabama. He certainly held his own, but didn't really stand out either. He's closer to 6-7 than 6-9 and looked a little sluggish at times.

12. C.J. Miles - He's grown at least an inch since the summer and still has a very pretty jump shot. Seemed to sleepwalk a little for the first two days but really turned things up during the scrimmage and game. Should be an impact player in the Big 12 but still needs to get stronger.

13. Amir Johnson - He is very gifted athletically but skills need to be honed. He runs the court with ease and recovers quickly on defense. He has a very low release on his jump shot and really struggled with his footwork against stronger players. There has been some talk about the NBA with him but here's hoping he goes to Louisville where he could be very dangerous.

14. Tasmin Mitchell - Mitchell spent some time playing the three but isn't quick enough to play there full time. Great teammate who other players look to for leadership and he's always entertaining to listen to. Has a nice jumper from 15 feet and worked the boards in practice.

15. Danny Green - A solid all-around player who is a dangerous shooter if he has time to set his feet. Runs a little bow legged but consistently surprised with his ability to block shots and help out defensively. He's also an underrated passer.

16. Eric Devendorf - He spent a lot of time playing the point guard and did a respectable job but seems much more comfortable at the two. Still shoots that sidespin jumper but makes more than his fair share. He does need to work on footwork defensively.

17. Jon Brockman - Never really got that many touches but scored a few key baskets during the West's attempt at a comeback. Hard worker who likes to bump and grind in the low post but is surprisingly athletic, particularly jumping off one foot, for a guy with his body type.

18. Micah Downs - Showed flashes of what he can do with his feet set on a deep three during the game and he also showed the ability to create his own shot during the scrimmage. He had a tendency to bury his head into his shoulder on drives into the middle of the lane that resulted in turnovers and seems more comfortable working the baseline.

19. Byron Eaton - Eaton was probably carrying a little too much weight right now and took a few questionable shots throughout the week. He punishes defenders on drives to the basket but is sometimes out of control and is going to have to concentrate on finishing a little better and making good decisions.

20. Brandon Costner - A super face up shooter who can rebound when motivated, Costner was passive for much of the week. During Tuesday's scrimmage he was much more active and rarely passed up looks at the basket but seemed to disappear a little during the game.

21. Bobby Frasor - The 6-3 guard had his moments, particularly some slick scoring drives against Miles, but also seemed a bit out of it at times. Defense and moving his feet are trouble spots, but he isn't as slow footed as he appeared to be during the game and moved much better during the scrimmage.

22. Luke Zeller - Zeller never really stood out for one reason or another during his time at McDonald's. He's a fine shooter but got pushed around a little and looked about 15 pounds lighter than the 245 pounds he was listed at. It had to have been hard to have energy after the thrilling fashion in which he won a state championship on Saturday.

23. Korvotney Barber - It just wasn't Barber's time to shine at McDonald's and he struggled due to his lack of ideal post height. Was listed at 6-9 but that is a gross exaggeration and he's much closer to 6-6.

24. Eric Boateng - At this point he's much further ahead defensively where he used his long arms to block some shots. He struggled to score against the other McDonald's players and was never a factor. Top Stories