Kansas on Wright's Second Tier for Now

The Jayhawks have fallen behind some other heavy-hitters for Wright's services, but it's definitely not over. More on Brandon Wright's recruitment inside.<br>

There aren’t many prospects in the country that are more coveted than junior Brandan Wright from Nashville (KY) Brentwood Academy. The 6-9 BF is among the premier talents in the class of 2006 because of his blend of athleticism, quickness, scoring ability and versatile game.

It isn’t a surprise that most of the nation’s top programs are recruiting him either. Bill Self’s Kansas Jayhawks have been involved for quite some time now but according to Wright, they are falling behind some.

“I’m still interested in Kansas right now,” Wright told Phog.net. “They are on the second tier with Wake Forest and Georgia Tech. The first tier schools are Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky.”

According to Wright the biggest difference between the first and second tier schools is the length of time and fervor with which each school has recruited him. However, Wright also points out that the tiers aren’t set in stone and that he is very open to changing around his list.

“They just have to show me something that the first tier isn’t showing,” said Wright. “I’m not completely closed off and I can open up easily and I’m not a hard person to persuade.”

After watching him perform in last weekend’s Boo Williams Invitational, it is clear that the slender lefty continues to take his game to new levels. As he’s gotten older he’s added the ability to attack defenders off the dribble and is a dangerous pull-up jump shooter and explodes off the floor and extends his long arms making it impossible for defenders to stop him. He still relies on his quickness and touch around the basket but isn’t afraid of contact and loves to get to the free throw line.

“I think I cause a matchup problem for a lot of players,” said Wright. “If you put the smaller guy on me I can post him up, if you put the bigger guy on me I can face him up. I just feel that I can do a lot of things to get my offense.”

Perhaps the most important thing to watch during Wright’s recruitment will be his flirtation with the NBA. He’s made it clear that he’s very interested in making a direct jump and will watch his stock closely. Because of that, he’ll wait until the spring to make a decision and understands that teams may have to move on other players meaning that schools he is interested in now may not have room when he’s ready to decide.

“I wouldn’t decide early, it’s going to be a late decision,” said Wright. “I’ll probably decide after my high school season and it is something that I’m going to be thinking about until after I graduate.”

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