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Lewis: A Jayhawk This Weekend?

It's shaping up to be a very interesting weekend for KU basketball fans. Dwight Lewis, a 6'-6" guard from Louisiana, is making his official visit to Kansas this weekend. Could he pull the trigger and commit to Bill Self and the Jayhawks on his visit? The latest info inside.<br>

Dwight Lewis is coming to Kansas this weekend and everyone in his travel party appears to be excited about the trip.  The 6-6 guard prospect from Metairie, LA will visit the Kansas program he committed to early last week and then promptly backed away from a day later.  Lewis hopes to make a more informed decision this time around and this weekend’s visit will play a large role in helping him accomplish that.  Lewis will be bringing his AAU coach, Al Jones, along with him and Jones said Wednesday that he and Lewis have been excitedly talking about this trip to Lawrence all week.

“We’ve been talking about it every day,” admitted Jones.  “In fact, I just finished talking to him about it a few minutes ago.  We’re both excited.  I mean its Kansas, so we’re excited.  We’re going to take the visit and see what Jayhawk basketball is all about.”

Lewis and his Westside All Stars head coach will be coming to Kansas with several questions for the KU staff about how Lewis will fit into the Jayhawks’ future plans.

“He’ll want to know what kind of role he would play with Kansas,” said Jones.  “Would it fit his style of play?  He’s athletic at 6-6 and can score on any level.  He could score at the college level today.  Dwight is really good two-guard and hopefully Kansas brings him in for that.   He’s actually a very good defensive player too, so hopefully that’s the role he’ll be playing up there.”

Jones says that even though he has advised Lewis to take multiple visits in order to have something to compare Kansas to, the possibility exists for Lewis to commit while in Lawrence this weekend if everything goes well.

“I would say this:  If Kansas answers all our questions and we see it as a good fit, he might be ready (to commit),” admitted Jones.  “You know sometimes you don’t have to date more than one woman to know it’s the right fit.  If everything goes right there’s a good chance that could be the case, but that would be totally up to Dwight.”

Typically Jones encourages his players to take at least two to three visits and that’s been the case recently with Lewis, but a good weekend in Lawrence might cancel any future travel plans for the four-star Louisiana stud.

“It might happen and it might not,” Jones said of a potential commitment this weekend. “We’ll know after this weekend.  I’m always saying let’s have something to compare it with, but again if it’s the right fit, it could happen this weekend.”

Should Lewis end his recruitment for good this weekend, LSU, Oklahoma, USC and Florida would likely all be disappointed.  There have been talks of visits to those programs, but Jones says nothing will be put in stone until Lewis sees how this weekend goes in Lawrence.

“We’ve got a couple more to schedule,” Jones said.  “We’ve got some tentative dates right now but nothing set in stone yet.  We’re kind of holding off until after this visit.”

Will there be a need for those visits?  Time will tell.  While there’s no guarantee that Lewis will ultimately pick Kansas, Jayhawk fans should still feel good about KU’s current position with the Archbishop Rummel High talent.  If Lewis is half as excited as his AAU coach makes him out to be, he should be in for a treat this weekend.

Finally, Coach Jones joked that he hopes his presence is welcomed by the Kansas staff even though he played a strong role in encouraging Lewis to take a visit to Lawrence before completely committing.

“I just hope the Jayhawks welcome us with open arms, especially meeting the guy that helped to put them on hold.”

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