Aldrich Takes a Bite Out of Lawrence

It was yet another exciting trip to Lawrence, KS for Cole Aldrich last weekend.  The 6-10 BF from Bloomington, MN really enjoyed his fourth trip to Jayhawk Nation when he took part in last weekend's Sport2Sport Jayhawk Invitational.

“It’s always a fun time coming down there,” Cole Aldrich said of Lawrence.  “I had a really good time over the weekend.”

Aldrich has taken in a couple of men’s basketball games the past two seasons at KU and also was in town for last fall’s “Late Night in the Phog.”  While the Jayhawks have impressed him in each of his visits, this trip to Lawrence was all about Aldrich putting on the show.

“When we played in Allen Fieldhouse on the first morning at 8 AM, I looked up in the crowd and we had like twenty KU students there,” said Aldrich.  “I was like, ‘Wow!  You guys are crazy to come out this early after a long night of probably partying or something.’  That was great to see them there.”

Aldrich also drew crowds on Saturday afternoon at the Horejsi Center.

“I remember the second game – we had everybody at that game.   It was so much fun, I think I had eight dunks in that game and it was just a lot of fun with so many people coming to the games.”

Aldrich’s club wrapped up play on Sunday with a 61-58 win over the Kansas City Keys in the 17-under consolation game.  The win capped off a good weekend for Aldrich who says he enjoyed much more about his trip to KU’s campus than just the hoops.

“It was great to be there,” admitted Aldrich.  “I just like the overall feel of the campus.  Some different campuses don’t have that feel, but KU does.  Everyone’s generally really nice to you.  Sometimes you hear the phrase ‘Minnesota-nice’, it’s like that on KU’s campus.  Everyone always seems happy and polite, so it’s real nice.”

So, what was Aldrich’s favorite part about Lawrence last weekend?

“I liked Cici’s pizza,” Aldrich said with a laugh.  “We went back there two, maybe three times.  All you can eat pizza, it doesn’t get much better than that.  I wish I had one right down the street from me like it is in Lawrence (from the KU campus).”

Cici’s proximity to the Kansas campus could be a leg up for the Jayhawks in Aldrich’s recruitment.  What should concern Kansas fans is that there are two Cici’s locations in Lexington, home of another Aldrich contender: The Kentucky Wildcats.

In all seriousness, Aldrich says he still favors Kansas over Kentucky, Michigan State, Minnesota and North Carolina, although it’s still very early in the process for this 2007 five-star stud.

“It’s still real early”, admitted Aldrich. “I’m only a sophomore right now.  I want to just see at least how the end of the summer goes and then get into the high school season and see where it goes from there.  I’d say (Kansas is) probably still the early leader though.”

As for Aldrich’s next high school season at Thomas Jefferson High, the Bloomington star says he hopes to erase bad memories from a disappointing 2004-2005 campaign.

“It wasn’t too good,” Aldrich said of his sophomore season.  “It was a little disappointing.  We’ve got three starters coming back for next year, but I really hope we have a better year.  Last year was a disappointing 7-15 season.”

Regardless of how his team fares in the year ahead, Kansas’ interest appears to be very high in this blue-chipper from 2007 class.  So, just what does Aldrich think of Jayhawk head coach Bill Self?

“I like him.  I think he’s really nice.”

Aldrich would be a “really nice” fit in the Kansas frontcourt and likely the best big man Self has landed at KU if the Jayhawks could reel him in.  Check back soon for more on this major target for the ’07 Kansas class. Top Stories