Deane Looking Forward to Kansas Visit

Daniel Deane's stock has been rising of late ever since a strong showing in Houston and the Kingwood Classic.   The 6-8 235 PF from Salt Lake City caught Bill Self's eye in late April and now will be setting his own sights on KU's campus later this week.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Daniel Deane said of his upcoming visit to KU.   “I’ll be flying out on Friday at 2.”

While Deane’s visit to Lawrence was confirmed on Monday, it was his performance in Houston back in April that really got the ball rolling for KU’s involvement.

“Coach (Self) saw me (in Houston) and flew out the day after we got back.  Our visit went well.”

So, what impressed Deane the most about Self during his in-school visit?

“His energy (impressed me the most).  He seems like a pretty honest guy too.”

While Self definitely made a good enough impression to convince Deane to visit, KU’s rich basketball tradition didn’t hurt the Jayhawks’ cause either.

“When I think of Kansas basketball, I think of James Naismith and Wilt (Chamberlain).  I also think ‘Top 3’, as in KU and probably Duke and UNC.” 

Deane’s “Top 3” reference isn’t pointing to his three favorite schools, but rather the three programs of elite status in his mind.  His top list of schools features Kansas and several powers from the west including Stanford, a program he recently visited.

“I just visited Stanford last weekend.  It went well.  I’m going to go to Gonzaga coming up sometime in a couple of weeks, probably.  And then I’ll probably go to UCLA.”

With so many campuses left to see, Deane isn’t about to name a leader and had the following to say when asked if any school had pulled in front:

“Not at the moment. Not until I take all my visits.”

Since it’s still a little early in the process Deane also has no concrete time table setup for making a decision.

“I just started taking visits so we’ll see how things go.  I haven’t really set a date yet other than I want to make one by November.”

Clearly Deane isn’t rushing into anything, but if the “perfect” visit occurred in recent weeks, Deane said he could possibly end his recruitment this spring.

“Anything can happen if the situation and everything is perfect.  I wouldn’t rule that possibility out.”

So what are Deane’s best attributes?  According to the 2006 rising star, his hustle and competitive fire top the list.

“I hate losing and I play very, very hard.  That’s probably my biggest strength.”

As for areas in need of improvement, Deane says he’d like to ease off the accelerator a bit.

“I’m working on slowing down,” admitted the four-star stud.  “Sometimes I get the ball and play too fast.  All the greats, take their time.  I need to as well.”

Before focusing heavily on basketball in recent years, Deane’s first loves were football and skiing.  Now hoops is his passion and he’s trying to mold his game into one worthy of a major D-1 program.

When asked to compare his style of play to a current college or NBA player, Deane threw out a couple of names that had been tossed his way by other basketball junkies.

“I’d say I’m a mix of a bunch of guys.  People have said I’m like Brian Cardinal and Mark Madsen, but more athletic.”

And a better dancer than Madsen as well.   But just how big is this Utah giant on the dance floor?

“I’m 6-7 ¾ barefoot and 235 pounds.  With shoes on I’m probably over 6-8.”

Finally, Deane shares what he’s most looking forward to about his upcoming visit to Lawrence.

“I’m excited to go there and see what it’s like. I’ve seen them on national television, but now I’ll get to see everything up close.  I haven’t gotten to meet the whole staff yet, so I’m looking forward to that as well.” Top Stories