eBoss' Top 100 for 2006

After spending the winter and spring months traveling across the country evaluating the top high school players in America, it's time to update the rankings. In this edition, I am going to expand my rankings of the class of 2006 from a top 50 to a top 100.

As always this is just one person’s take on how things shake out and keep in mind that I won’t list somebody that I haven’t seen play enough to evaluate fairly -- hence no Dwight Lewis Kansas fans. These are done for fun and to generate a little discussion so feel free to take any questions to the message boards.

Be on the lookout for a ranking of the top 50 prospects from the class of 2007 and 25 to watch in 2008 coming soon.

  1. Greg Oden, 7-0 C, Indianapolis (IN) Lawrence North
  2. Kevin Durant, 6-9 WF/BF, Mouth of Wilson (VA) Oak Hill
  3. Thaddeus Young, 6-8 WF, Memphis (TN) Mithcell
  4. Brandan Wright, 6-9 BF/WF, Nashville (TN) Brentwood Academy
  5. Darrell Arthur, 6-9 BF, Dallas (TX) South Oak Cliff
  6. Wayne Ellington, 6-4 PG/WG, Merion Station (PA) Episcopal
  7. Spencer Hawes, 6-10 BF/C, Seattle (WA) Prep
  8. Daequan Cook, 6-5 WG, Dayton (OH) Dunbar- OHIO STATE
  9. Vernon Macklin, 6-9 BF, Chatham (VA) Hargrave Millitary
  10. Derrick Caracter, 6-9 BF, Elizabeth (NJ) St. Patrick’s
  11. Gerald Henderson, 6-5 WF/WG, Merion Station (PA) Episcopal
  12. Sherron Collins, 5-11 PG, Chicago (IL) Crane
  13. Curtis Kelly, 6-9 BF, Manhattan (NY) Rice
  14. Davon Jefferson, 6-8 WF, South Kent (CT) Prep- Tentative prep school
  15. Chase Budinger, 6-7 WF/WG, Carlsbad (CA) La Costa Canyon
  16. Lance Thomas, 6-8 WF, Newark (NJ) St. Benedict’s
  17. Javaris Crittenton, 6-4 PG, Atlanta (GA) Southwest Atlanta Christian
  18. Tywon Lawson, 6-0 PG, Mouth of Wilson (VA) Oak Hill- NORTH CAROLINA
  19. Brook Lopez, 6-10 BF, Fresno (CA) San Joaquin Memorial- STANFORD
  20. Jon Scheyer, 6-5 WG, Northbrook (IL) Glenbrook North- DUKE
  21. Damion James, 6-7 WF, Nacogdoches (TX) High- OKLAHOMA
  22. Paul Harris, 6-4 WG/WF, Niagara Falls (NY) High- Prep school to be decided
  23. Bryan Davis, 6-8 BF, Grand Prairie (TX) High
  24. Mike Conley, Jr., 6-1 PG, Indianapolis (IN) Lawrence North
  25. Isaiah Dahlman, 6-6 WG/WF, Braham (MN) High
  26. Earl Clark, 6-7 WF, Rahway (NJ) High
  27. David Lighty, 6-5 WG, Cleveland (OH) St. Joseph- OHIO STATE
  28. Pierre Niles, 6-7 BF, Memphis (TN) Ridgeway
  29. Robin Lopez, 6-10 C/BF, Fresno (CA) San Joaquin Memorial- STANFORD
  30. D.J. Augustin, 5-10 PG, New Orleans (LA) Brother Martin
  31. Landon Milbourne, 6-7 WF, Alpharetta (GA) St. Francis- MARYLAND
  32. Brian Carlwell, 6-9 BF/C, Maywood (IL) Proviso East
  33. DeShawn Sims, 6-7 WF, Detroit (MI) Pershing
  34. James Keefe, 6-9 BF, Rancho Santa Margarita (CA) High- UCLA
  35. Jerry Smith, 6-3 WG/PG, Wauwatosa (WI) East
  36. Willie Kemp, 6-2 PG, Bolivar (TN) Central
  37. Stanley Robinson, 6-8 WF/BF, Birmingham (AL) Huffman
  38. Jordan Hill, 6-9 BF, Kennesaw (GA) Mountain- ARIZONA
  39. Daniel Deane, 6-8 BF/WF, Salt Lake City (UT) Judge Memorial
  40. Marques Johnson, 6-4 WG, Ft. Wayne (IN) Snider
  41. Alex Stepheson, 6-9 BF, North Hollywood (CA) Harvard-Westlake
  42. Mike Washington, 6-9 BF, Cleveland (TX) Heritage Christian
  43. Josh Chichester, 6-8 BF, Westchester (OH) Lakota West
  44. Derrick Jasper, 6-5 WG/PG, Paso Robles (CA) High
  45. Mike Jones, 6-7 WF, Hopkins (SC) Lower Richland
  46. Bryce Webster, 6-9 BF/C, Saint Paul (MN) St. Thomas
  47. Perry Stevenson, 6-9 BF, Lafayette (LA) Northside
  48. Brian Zoubeck, 7-0 C, Cherry Hill (NJ) Haddonfield Memorial
  49. Ramar Smith, 6-2 WG, Detroit (MI) King
  50. Edgar Sosa, 6-2 PG/WG, Manhattan (NY) Rice- LOUISVILLE
  51. Leon Freeman, 6-4 WG, Belleville (MI) High
  52. Phil Nelson, 6-8 WF, Keizer (OR) McNary
  53. Jeremiah Rivers, 6-4 PG/WG, Winter Park (FL) High- GEORGETOWN
  54. Keith Clark, 6-7 BF, Putnam City (OK) High
  55. Wayne Chism, 6-9 C/BF, Bolivar (TN) Central
  56. Danny Williams, 6-3 WG, Los Angeles (CA) Fremont- Prep school to be decided
  57. Jason Bennett, 7-2 C, Jacksonville (FL) Arlington Country Day
  58. Jason Bohannon, 6-3 PG/WG, Marion (IA) Lin-Mar- WISCONSIN
  59. L.D. Williams, 6-4 WG, Montverde (FL) Academy- WAKE FOREST
  60. JaJuan Jones, 6-5 WG, Douglasville (GA) Douglas Co.
  61. Obi Muonelo, 6-4 WG, Edmond (OK) Sante Fe
  62. Tyler Smith, 6-6 WF, Chatham (VA) Hargrave Millitary- tentative prep school
  63. Gary Flowers, 6-8 BF, Dallas (TX) Lincoln- Prep school to be decided
  64. Anthony Gurley, 6-3 WG, Newtonville (MA) Newton North
  65. Jamie Skeen, 6-7 BF, Huntersville (NC) North Mecklenburg- WAKE FOREST
  66. Rob Thomas, 6-6 WF, South Kent (CT) Prep
  67. Dwayne Collins, 6-8 BF, Miami (FL) Senior
  68. Andre McFarland, 6-6 WF, Las Vegas (NV) Durango
  69. Alex Tyus, 6-7 WF/BF, Florissant (MO) Hazelwood Central- Prep to be decided
  70. Raymar Morgan, 6-7 WF, Canton (OH) McKinley
  71. Willie Walker, 5-11 PG, Bollingbrook (IL) High
  72. DaJuan Summers, 6-8 BF/WF, Owings Mills (MD) McDonough
  73. Jamil Tucker, 6-8 WF/BF, Gary (IN) West Side
  74. Blake Wallace, 6-7 WF, Anaheim (CA) Servite
  75. Tre’Von Willis, 6-3 WG, Fresno (CA) Washington Union
  76. Trevon Hughes, 6-0 PG, Delafield (WI) St. John’s
  77. Scotty Reynolds, 6-0 WG/PG, Herndon (VA) High- OKLAHOMA
  78. Donald Sloan, 6-3 WG/PG, Dallas (TX) Seagoville
  79. Richard Semrau, 6-8 BF, Rocky River (OH) Lutheran West- ILLINOIS
  80. Johnny Lett, 6-8 BF, Mobile (AL) Rain
  81. Luke Harangody, 6-8 BF, Merrillville (IN) Andrean
  82. Xavier Keeling, 6-6 WF, Huntsville (AL) Johnson
  83. Derrick Roland, 6-4 WG, Dallas (TX) Seagoville
  84. Tory Jackson, 5-11 PG, Saginaw (MI) Buena Vista
  85. Marcus Lawrence, 6-0 PG, Las Vegas (NV) Bishop Gorman
  86. Taj Gibson, 6-8 BF, Merced (CA) Stoneridge Christian
  87. J.P. Gavinsky, 6-10 C, Wisconsin Dells (WI) High- WISCONSIN
  88. Gilbert Brown, 6-5 WG/WF, South Kent (CT) Prep
  89. Jay Watkins, 6-7 BF, Memphis (TN) Hamilton
  90. Armon Bassett, 6-1 PG, Chatham (VA) Hargrave Millitary- Expected prep
  91. Taylor Harrison, 6-8 BF, San Clemente (CA) High- CALIFORNIA
  92. Jonathan Kreft, 6-10 C, Parkland (FL) Douglas- FLORIDA STATE
  93. Josh Lomers, 7-0 C, Boerne (TX) High
  94. George Odufuwa, Dallas (TX) Kimball
  95. David Booker, 6-7 WF/BF, Moss Point (MS) High
  96. Harrison Smith, 6-3 WG, Houston (TX) Jones
  97. Tom Herzog, 6-11 C, Flint (MI) Powers
  98. John Mandeldove, 6-11 C, Chatham (VA) Hargrave Millitary- Expected prep
  99. Jodie Meeks, 6-4 WG, Norcross (GA) High
  100. Anthony Green, 6-4 WG, Beloit (WI) Memorial- MARQUETTE

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