Deane Not Ready to Decide

Big man prospect Daniel Deane is back from his trip to Gonzaga, but the 6-8 standout from Salt Lake City is not yet ready to make a choice about his future. The latest on Deane inside.

Daniel Deane is back home in Salt Lake City after visiting Gonzaga over the weekend. It's been a busy month for the four-star post player, as his travels have taken him to Stanford and Kansas before visitings the "Zags".  The 6-8 standout enjoyed his visit to the Pacific Northwest this past weekend, but says nothing stood out in particular about his trip to see the Bulldogs up close. 

"No, not really. But I liked it," Deane said when asked if anything stood out about his trip to Spokane, WA.  "I liked how all the players were really cool with each other.  I liked pretty much all the stuff I liked at all the other schools including the coaches."

Deane said even after visiting Gonzaga he still has no separation on his list of prospective schools.  The Judge Memorial High School talent hopes to sort through his decision further when he finally gets a chance to sit down and talk things over with his family.

"I haven't had a chance to sit down and talk about it with my family yet, and I haven't had a chance to go up to Utah and play with their new players yet so I'm still neutral. I won't know any more until I get a talk in (with my parents)."

So what's most important to Deane's family?

"They care about what's most important to me and what fits me best."

Deane's still not sure exactly what that perfect fit is, but hopes to find out by next fall.  Deane expects to visit Utah unofficially in the near future and hopes to confirm a potential visit to UCLA in the next couple of weeks.  For now though, there are no further official visits currently scheduled.

"No more (official visits) are scheduled but I might take one to UCLA.  I probably won't know on that for two more weeks because I just have so much going on right now.  I've got a tournament this weekend in Baltimore and finals next week and I'm trying to get all my school work done in the meantime."

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