Alex Legion on Kansas

2007's Alex Legion is proving he's already a big-time scorer, and the 6-4 guard from Michigan has the Jayhawks among six leaders for his future services. Details inside.

Since the AAU circuit started Alex Legion has been making a point. The point is that he’s one of the best in the class of 2007. Legion possesses a very smooth and fluid game, with a very good jump shot. While he can shoot the ball, he would probably be considered just a flat out scorer. He just gets it done from all angles.

At the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions this past weekend Legion led his team to the semi-finals where they lost to the eventual champion Southern California All-Stars.

In one game against highly touted Eric Wallace, of D-One Sports, Legion scored 21 points, and did it scoring a variety of different ways. He got to the basket when he wanted to and dropped in a few threes as well.

The quick pull up is always an option for Legion, but his mid range game is extremely sufficient and hard to stop. Defense is another thing that he is working on.

“Mostly my defense and catching the ball without dribbling it,” Legion said of things he’s trying to work on.

Wit his talent and skills there are a number of schools recruiting him. But there are six that he is really looking at right now and they are Michigan, Michigan State, UCLA, Kansas, Duke, and North Carolina.

“I think I’ve put my self in a good opportunity to go to the best college possible,” Legion said when asked about his recruiting process. “It’s not really that bad, I don’t really talk to the coaches my godfather does.”

Kansas is among the six schools that Legion likes and the main reason for that is because of Jayhawk head coach, Bill Self.

“I’ve always just liked the school and I like the coach they have now,” Legion responded when asked about Kansas. “I like their academics as well.”

Every recruit has something that will factor into his decision, and for Legion it seems to be proximity. He said that whether or not his family would be able to see him play would play a key role in what college he decides to attend when he graduates high school.

“Probably how far it is and if my family would be able to come see me,” Legion said. Top Stories