Miles' Draft Stock Looking Strong

Aaron Miles and his agent hope that June 28th becomes one of the best nights of Miles' young life when the former Kansas star could hear his name called in the 2005 NBA draft. More inside.

Aaron Miles' agent, Chris Emens, of Octagon dropped by KLWN's "Rock Chalk Sports Talk" on Thursday and said that Miles draft stock is looking strong as the big day approaches.

"Aaron's worked out for probably about nine teams so far and I think right now Aaron's most likely draft positioning would probably be early to mid-second round -- which would probably be 31-47," Emens said of his client.

While most second round picks usually face an uphill battle of sticking with their new NBA teams and great value can be hard to find, this year's second round crop could be one of the deepest in recent memory. The draft pool is flooded with underclassmen pushing some quality players deep into the second round and in some cases out of the draft entirely. While this might make the 60th pick in 2005 a little more valuable than in some years, it doesn't guarantee that any of this year's second rounders will lock up a roster spot for the 05-06 season. Emens said whether Miles is drafted in round two or has to take the free agent route, he's still going to have to compete for a roster spot this summer and the Octagon agent feels his client is well prepared to do so.

"You have to remember that in the NBA, second round draft picks have no guaranteed contract, Emens advised. "So, whether you're the 31st pick or undrafted you still have to earn your roster spot. I think at the end of the day Aaron's experience, his ability as a playmaker and his ability to make those around him better will end up securing him a place in the NBA next season."

Emens also feels that Miles' improved outside shooting should help his cause.

"When you look at his career statistics obviously he's the number one Jayhawk all-time in assists, number eight all-time in the NCAA. I think the one knock on aaron going into this process a little bit -- and in my opinion -- unfairly, was his shooting ability. But if you look at all the point guard prospects in the NBA, the only point guard prospect that shot better than Aaron from three last year was Salim Stoudamire and Stoudamire didn't even play point guard in college."

There's no doubt that Miles' 50% three point shooting last year was a significant improvement that caught the eyes of many -- espescially after his first three years in Lawrence when he averaged 28.6% from downtown. Now Miles must continue to prove he can be a consistent shooter and if he succeeds at that, his other strong attributes might just land him a spot in the league next year. After all, according to Emens, Miles is already drawring some favorable comparisons to other current NBA players

"Many teams have made comparisons to Eric Snow regarding Aaron Miles and I think he's a guy that as a rookie could make an excellent third point guard for many teams in the NBA."

Snow just finished his tenth NBA season. Miles would love a run like that. To check out the entire interview with Emens listen to the "Rock Chalk Sports Talk" daily archive section on Phog TV. Top Stories