Miles Off to the Windy City

On Monday afternoon former Jayhawk Aaron Miles dropped by KLWN's Rock Chalk Sports Talk.  The show is streamed online Monday through Friday on  Below are some highlights from Miles' conversation.  To listen to the entire interview checkout the Phog.TV section of

On his mindset as he travels to Chicago for the pre-draft camp this week:

"My mindset is basically just to go out there and do what I've been doing my whole life: just play basketball the right way.  I'm not going out there to prove anything, just to show people that I can play the game of basketball."

On how he defines the "right way" to play:

"Just, you know, unselfish both the offensive end and defensive end. Just being a team player."

On getting advice from former Jayhawks now in the NBA:

"I talk to Kirk (Hinrich) probably once every three weeks or so. He basically tells me to just go out and play hard.  (He says to) be in the best shape of my life and just give it my all.  Talking to Billy Thomas, he's an inspiration because he didn't make it the easy route.  He took the hard route but he stayed with it.  That's the big thing, just sticking with it.  If you set some goals for yourself and you want to reach them you've got to stay with it.  So, that's what I learned from him."

On needing to prove himself with so much competition in the draft pool this year:

"Whether I get drafted in the second round or go undrafted I feel that if I have the opportunity to make it to somebody's camp...then I'll be able to win the coaching staff, the administration, front office people over.  Just by my presence on the court, my personality and my character and so forth.  I'm not really worried about the underclassman because I know that getting drafted isn't everything. It's a dream to always hear your name called, but if you don't hear your name called it's not the end of the world."

On the 2005-2006 Kansas Jayhawks:

"Honestly, I'm excited.  Having played with the youngsters I know their capabilities and potential. I know these freshmen coming in should be hungry.  The coaching staff should be hungry.  That hunger could carry over to the court to where they'll just put last year behind them and just work for doing well next season."

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