Two Sport Star Receiving Interest

Two sport stand-out Xavier Keeling, of Johnson HS, is beginning to receive interest from a number of schools not only for basketball but for football as well.

The 6-foot-6, 185 pound small forward from Huntsville, AL has racked up offers from Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn and Louisville for either basketball or football. While he has offers from those four he also said that Georgia and Kansas have shown interest in him for strictly basketball, as well.

Keeling, who averaged 17 points and 14 boards a game last year, did express interest in two schools specific schools. He said that Kansas and Auburn are the two that he likes the most. As a kid, Keeling grew up in Kansas and recalled watching the Jayhawks on T.V. as a kid.

"I mean that's where I'm from. I have always wanted to go there since I was a little kid, because I'm from Kansas," Keeling said. "I love the way they play and how they let their players play."

Although football has been a part of his life, and he has received a considerable amount of interest from colleges to play football, basketball is where Keelings future lies, at least in his own opinion. He said that he will concentrate solely on hoops at the next level and after high school his football career is over.

The athletic guard is known as a slasher that can get to the rim when he wants, but lacks a jump shot to keep defenses honest. Keeling realizes his jumper isn't at the highest level yet, and he said that is one of the main things he is working on.

"I'm a good penetrater, can score at will, and I pass pretty good," Keeling said when asked to describe his game.

Keeling has seen the campuses of Alabama and Tennessee already and plans to take a few more visits before he settles on his decision by November. He also pinpointed a major factor that will play into his final decision.

"Really just knowing that I'm going to get a lot of playing time," Keeling stated when asked about the most important aspect that would go into his final decision.

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