Storrs Felt Like a Player

There aren't many players that have unofficially visited a number of college campuses before the start of their junior season, but 6-foot-5 Lance Storrs is one that has. Storrs provides his impession of KU and the coaching staff following his recent visit to Lawrence.

Lance Storrs, who resides in Decatur, GA., is being very meticulous with the recruiting process and is trying to make sure he sees all the schools he likes now, so down the road his decision is easier.

"I just want to go ahead and get an early start on what kind of schools I like," Storrs said. "So later on I won't have to worry about rushing and trying to see schools that I might like to attend."

He has already visited the campuses of Georgia, Indiana, Alabama, and this past weekend he traveled to Lawrence to take in the University of Kansas.

The visit consisted of meeting with Coach Self, being escorted around the campus by Coach Dooley, as well as eating in the school's cafeteria.

"It went really well. I talked to Coach Bill Self and Coach Dooley," Storrs explained. "They were real nice, and they welcomed us with open arms. The players and the campus were real nice. The people around there were real nice too, because it's a big basketball town."

"I felt like I was a player while I was there," Storrs continued. "The players were real nice and the coaches were real nice and down to earth."

With four visits down, which campus impressed Storrs the most?

"Well they are all the same to me, but I did like Kansas and Alabama a lot," Storrs responded.

The junior-to-be isn't done seeing campuses either, as he will travel to Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech on Wednesday. But, the travel doesn't stop there. Storrs, who is projected to grow to 6-8, is on standby for the Nike Camp, will play in the Adidas Showtime tournament, 16 Unders Nationals, and the Main Event in Las Vegas.

While, the visits he has taken have all been fun and enjoyable, Storrs is looking for certain things at each campus in hopes of finding the right school for him.

"A nice place to stay for four years," Storrs responded when asked about the factors in his decision. "Where I can get a nice education and meet nice people. And also I want to come in as a freshman and help my team win the national championship

At this point Storrs is strongly considering Kansas, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Indiana, and Clemson. Storrs also said that he would like to have his decision made some time between the middle of his junior season the beginning of his senior year. Top Stories