Lewis Pulling Double Duty

Future Jayhawk Dwight Lewis checks in with Phog.net's Evan Daniels while Lewis is in action at the NBPA camp. Lewis is working on the court to improve his game, but he's also working off the court on behalf of his future team. Details inside.

One of the best things about NBA camp is the collection of all the top talent in one place. Shoe companies aren't battling for kids to attend their particular camp. The entire top tier of talent is in Richmond, VA. competing in the National Basketball Players Association camp.

"It's fun," Kansas commit Dwight Lewis said about NBA camp. "There isn't all that shoe affiliation out here. There's a lot of competition."

At least for this week, the best players will be matched up against the best. Seeing Dwight Lewis matched up against Eric Gordon is the best way to judge just what kind of player Lewis is. Thus far, his defense appears solid, and he has pretty much held Gordon in check. One steal led to a very nice fast break and finish. The form on his jump shot looks solid and he can hit the J off the dribble with consistency. It would be nice to see him shot it a little more, but you only get so many looks when you have guys like O.J. Mayo and Billy Walker on your team. Guys who can score at will. Lewis'is he is on such a talented team that he hasn't always been able to really get in the flow of the game.

Lewis, who averaged 27 points and 7 boards this past season, has not been active on the AAU circuit as of late, so NBA camp is giving him a good feel of where his game is.

"I'm just playing summer league with my school," Lewis said. "I haven't had time to check up with an AAU team or anything, so I'm just playing with my high school team."

After NBA camp, Lewis will take a few days off before heading to Teaneck, New Jersey for ABCD camp.

While he's putting in effort on the court, Lewis is also putting in the effort off the court. The 6-foot-5 guard is roommates with Kansas recruit, Cole Aldrich, and he's been pushing Kansas on him since he arrived.

"He's real good," Lewis said about Aldrich. "I think he's a Kansas lean. He might not want to admit it, but he is."

Lewis knows all about leaning to Kansas, as he is already committed there.

"I felt right at home with it," Lewis stated. "It's a real good school with real good academics. My parents loved it and I loved it so why not Kansas?"

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