Kansas Recruiting Q&A

For part II of our look at July recruiting, we quizzed Scout.com National Recruiting Director, Dave Telep about what to expect from the Jayhawks during July's critical evaluation period. 

Q: We’ve heard the names Arthur, Hawes, Young and Wright but could a new name appear on the KU radar from the Class of 2006 this summer?

Dave Telep: No question. No one knew Jordan Hill in April and two weeks later he was headed to Arizona. Vakeaton Wafer pulled the same thing a few years ago. Now, "blowing up" in the summer is a tough task but it can be done. Lewis Clinch had no offers last May and by July Kansas had offered him and that was last summer.

Q: What type of recruiting philosophy or direction will KU take this summer?

DT: They'll target just a handful of guys and push extremely hard. They don't have a ton of scholarships for 2006 and 2007 so they can be picky. They'll flirt hard with Bryan Davis and Brandan Wright and see if they can make some waves with Thaddeus Young. A name to keep an eye on is Sherron Collins because of Self's Illinois ties.

Q: Which recruits do you see being the top priority for Kansas?

DT: Darrell Arthur and Spencer Hawes are huge targets for them. Plus, I'm sure they'd like to sew up Cole Aldrich for 2007 already.

Q: I'm trying to decipher how the two scholarships will be used. One to whoever takes it first out of Davis, Hawes, Wright, Young, etc..Then the best available player? We’ve already heard that if the staff doesn’t find something they’re sold holding the scholarship for 2007 is not out of the question.

DT: Basically they are looking for guys who are likely to be pros with their remaining scholarships. The guys they are targeting now are kids who can take the program to the very next level.

Q: We’ve seen Self consistently able to get the early commit. Do you see KU getting another commit before the summer is over??

DT: I think it's possible but now isn't a typically "hot" time for a commitment. At this stage, kids are pretty much married to the idea of going through the summer scene before making their next move.

Q: With only a couple of spots to fill for 2006, will Kansas spend even more time on the class of 2007 this summer???

DT: They' don't have a ton of 2007 schollies but KU will spend a TON of time with this group. They'll want to evaluate hard the kids in that class and again, the theme will be adding future pros.

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