A Flight Away

You wouldn't think jet lag would be much of a factor for a young athlete, but according to Quincy Pondexter it certainly is.

The 6-foot-7 wingman out of Fresno, CA., arrived in Richmond, VA., for the NBA camp and is feeling the effects of the time change.

"I'm trying to get used to the camp and the time difference," Quincy Pondexter explained. "It's a three hour difference from California."

But he's not complaining too much because the talent level at the NBA camp is much better than most other camps.

"It's nice. It's the best competition to play against. That's why I play basketball.......... to play the best," Pondexter said.

Not only did he play, but Pondexter played well in his morning game on Thursday. He went to the hole hard, had an impressive dunk, and tossed a beautiful alley oop pass. His jumper was off, but he impressed with a quick first step.

Pondexter still has a very busy schedule ahead of him, as he will attend the adidas Superstar Camp, Showcase Nationals in Atlanta, the adidas Super 64, and the Best of Summer in California.

With Pondexter traveling the circuit in July, it will give a number of coaches a chance to check him out. The small forward said that Arizona, Washington, Kansas, UConn, and Memphis are recruiting him the hardest. While all five still have a shot, there are two schools that Pondexter likes the most.

"I really like Arizona and Washington," Pondexter said. "They are my top two. They are on the West Coast and I really like their programs and they have been recruiting me for a while. It's going pretty well so far. I really have some schools that are showing a lot of interest."

So what exactly is Pondexter looking for in a school?

"A team that gets up and down, I'd like to be at a place where I feel like I'm at home, and I think those schools might feel a little like Fresno. I want to only be a flight away from home, " said Pondexter.

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