KU Recruiting Notes

One thing about July is certain – there's a lot of uncertainty even for Kansas Head Coach Bill Self who can confirm that he's leaving early Wednesday morning for the recruiting trail – and that's about it.

Sure, the Kansas coaching staff has a list of players they WANT to pursue this summer. After much speculation by the media it’s assumed that list includes about a handful of players the Jayhawks will push HARD for. However, we’ve learned that list may actually be as long as 10 players -- and one more thing -- that list is subject to change at any moment.

You certainly shouldn’t be surprised if a new name enters the mix ala Lewis Clinch last summer. Though Self cannot comment on specific recruits, he and his staff will go into the July evaluation period armed with a list of players and an “open mind”. Self and his staff are ready and willing to be impressed by a new name.

“We’re absolutely not set on who we’re recruiting, we’re set going into summer but it changes every year,” Self continued. “It depends on who we can and can’t get and if someone goes somewhere else…there are a lot of factors” 

“In a perfect world, we will sign 3 players total from the class of 2006”, Self confirmed.  That would mean 2 more ’06 commits plus Dwight Lewis.

Due to NCAA rules Self cannot comment on KU’s wish list, but these are the names who figure to be at the forefront of KU’s recruiting efforts: Brandan Wright (KU has work to do here), Darrell Arthur (has already said he will likely visit KU in the fall), Spencer Hawes (KU is in the game), and Bryan Davis (KU is in the game). I know I know – tell me something we don’t know.

More Notes

  • Self has a knack for landing the “early commits” but there’s been a general consensus among the experts that won’t happen this summer. The KU head coach has not surrendered to that idea and will concentrate on landing at least one, if not two, commits this summer. That’s still the goal -- but the staff does realize that recruiting this year could go well into the fall.
  • Well, we’ve known for months Self covets a versatile big man from the class of 2006, and there are plenty available (see the above list). But back in May, Self claimed his secondary target was simply the “best player available”. Now the KU staff will specifically target “a primary ball handler that can also score.” The key to that statement is “…that can also score.” Self wants another combo guard to spark his offense (more on this later this week).
  • Don’t expect the staff to spend a ton of time and effort trying to fill J.R. Giddens’ shoes this late in the game – BUT that doesn’t mean they won’t take a look. KU will conduct a search but they are unlikely to find the type of high-caliber player they would like to fill J.R.’s roster spot. The staff believes they will be better served to utilize their 4 available scholarships as I stated above (3 for class of ’06 and 1 for ’07).
  • Thaddeus Young, who’s had an “open” recruitment thus far, will be a hot commodity during the month of July as schools try to jockey for position with the Memphis star. Young will use July to whittle down a long list of schools. So far, Thaddeus has not tipped the scales in any one school’s favor. Kansas is among the many schools who would love to be involved in his recruitment, but according to several sources the Jayhawks are “on the outside looking in” with the versatile player.  
  • One 2006 scholarship is already designated for Louisiana’s Dwight Lewis. But those who think Lewis’s recruitment is over couldn’t be more wrong. A verbal is certainly nice to have but Self and his staff will spend plenty of time recruiting their first ‘06 commit. In this day and age coaches are well-aware nothing is a sure thing.  

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