KU Targets at adidas Superstar

SUWANEE, GA—The Kansas targets at the adidas Superstar Camp put together some solid games on the first day. Thaddeus Young returned from the injured list, Daniel Deane put forth his normal effort, and Jasper and Pondexter both had good opening performances.

Kansas Targets - Day One

Thaddeus Young - Coming off a foot injury, Young was effective, especially considering the circumstances. The 6-foot-8 forward got to the rim on a few occasions and finished well. He's very mobile for his size, and you can tell that he's going to be a big time college player. Young, who is ranked the 3rd best player in the 2006 class, played solid defense today as well, keeping Antonio Pena in check after Pena had scored 10 quick points before Young entered the game. He also got his hands in the passing lanes and recorded 3 steals.

Daniel Deane - Whatever school ends up signing this guy is going to be one lucky school. While he's still a bit raw in the post, he plays extremely hard and always gives the maximum effort. He'll get on the floor for loose balls and bang in the paint for rebounds. Deane also showcased his three point range today, knocking down two three-pointers in one contest.

Quincy Pondexter - Pondexter got off to a pretty good start at adidas Superstar Camp. Most of his points came close to the rim as he slashed to the basket and racked up a number of lay ups and finishes on the break. He's not a great shooter, which might be why he doesn't shoot it from deep very often. Pondexter is long and plays pretty good defense as well.

Derrick Jasper - It's tough to determine what Jasper's main position really is. He handles the ball well enough to play the one, but I'm not sure he sees the floor like a natural point guard does. One the other hand he doesn't shoot the ball extremely well, but is a decent slasher. So you can make a case for him playing the two as well. Regardless of his position he's a solid player, has long arms, and isn't afraid to mix it up for some rebounds.

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