Arthur Smells Home Cooking

TEANECK, N.J. -- Wednesday at the Reebok ABCD Camp may have come as a bit of a shock for Darrell Arthur. The 6-8 PF at Dallas (Texas) South Oak Cliff spent previous summers at the Nike All-American Camp, a camp setting that resembles peach baskets and set shots compared to the run-and-gun style at ABCD.

That may explain why Darrell Arthur started slowly on the stat sheet, instead to deferring to teammates who were more than happy to hoist from all angles.

But then there was Arthur exploding high for tips, stroking jumpers with ease and seemingly coming from nowhere to block a shot and simultaneously disappoint and embarrass a kid who thought he had an easy layup.

Arthur's game has been profiled here, there and everywhere. No one needs to evaluate him for recruiting purposes, and three months of bad games wouldn't cause any school to withdraw its scholarship offer.

That said, just where do things stand? Turns out, Arthur insists he's wide open in the one hand while perhaps closing the door just a little with the other.

"Some of the main schools are still Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Illinois and SMU," said Arthur, who also has drawn offers from North Carolina, Connecticut and many others.

Arthur then proceeded to hand out easy answers to the throng of reporters on hand scrambling for an interview.

All the usual responses were there: "I'll decide sometime in the fall. … I want a coach I can get along with … I'm looking for good academics."

While those things may be true for the soft-spoken Arthur, they don't provide much in the way of separation from one school over the next.

Facing the prospect of leaving home, however, cuts to the heart of the matter.

"It'll be kind of hard to pull me out (of Texas)," Arthur said, with a laugh.

And that's the crux of it. Any school not located within the state of Texas must not only tie the Longhorns and others, but beat them outright to offset the difference.

To that end, Arthur mentioned that the other programs on his list were attempting to reconcile their natural disadvantage, telling him they would do whatever they could to ensure that his family is able to visit and watch him play.

While it would appear Texas or others may have the advantage, Kansas remains a mainstay on Arthur's list, which otherwise fluctuates on a regular basis.

Now, the question: Can the Jayhawks do it?

As Arthur says, "I'm really still open. You never know." Top Stories