Davis Shows No Fear

TEANECK, N.J. -- Fear is not a driving force for Bryan Davis. That's apparent in the 6-8 big man's play on the court. It's also apparent in the number of big-time schools recruiting him to be their lynchpin at the power forward slot.

And, encouragingly for schools outside of Texas, fear of going to school away from home doesn't appear to be a driving force in his decision-making process, either.

Faced with the decision every big-time Texas prospect must face as to whether he will leave home for college (and more so in his case), the Grand Prairie (Texas) High star remains cool and is very unattached to the expectations surrounding him -- despite the fact that his uncle was a star at Texas A&M.

"Yeah, my uncle would love for me to go to A&M," said Bryan Davis, "but that doesn't mean I have to go there. There's no pressure for me from him or anyone else in my family."

Davis' situation is unique. He lived in Galveston as a child but moved to the Dallas area in the 8th grade without his mother, so facing separation from those closest to him is nothing new.

Thus, in addition to the Aggies and Rick Barnes' powerhouse at Texas, Davis also is seriously considering Kansas, North Carolina, UConn and Georgia Tech. He claims offers from each of the schools on his list.

There's another wrinkle to Davis' recruitment. He decided to part ways with the powerful Team Texas squad and will play with Mitch Malone and the Texas Blue Chips for the remainder of the summer. He said his change of teams won't affect his recruitment, but any shift of gears such as that can have an impact. Fellow big-time prospect and KU target Darrell Arthur also left Team Texas.

Davis also noted that he's more impressed with the schools that send their head coach to watch him, rather than an assistant.

"It's just sort of like seeing that the schools with the head coaches (in attendance) want me a little bit more," said Davis.

Of course, Bill Self was one of the head men sitting in a spot he was sure to be noticed by Davis at ABCD. 

Whether Self ultimately will be able to land Davis remains uncertain, but there's no question the Jayhawks pose a more serious threat for him than they might for other Texas products.

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