King of College Hoops?

Which school would you crown the "King of College Hoops"? Listen to the experts, then log on and vote. More inside.

UCLA has eleven national championships.  Kentucky is the winningest program of all-time.  North Carolina has four titles and an alum you may have heard of by the name of Jordan.  Duke might just have the most impressive resume of the last 20 years.  Then there's Kansas, a program with a coaching lineage and family tree that is unrivaled --- dating back to the Father of Basketball, James Naismith.  So, which program is truly the "King of College Hoops"? 

This week, KLWN's "Rock Chalk Sports Talk" is letting the listeners decide as they introduce a segment called “Basketball Royalty, Crowning the King of College Hoops.”  This week-long debate sponsored by the Jayhawk Bookstore, features the voice of each elite program in college hoops weighing in on the conversation and stating their case for their respective school.  The interviews will air each day at 4:40 on Lawrence’s News Talk 1320 KLWN and is teaming up with RCST to archive each segment online at Kansas’ home.  Here’s a schedule for each announcer:

Monday:  Max Falkenstien, Kansas

Tuesday:  Chris Roberts, UCLA

Wednesday: Bob Harris, Duke

Thursday: Tom Leach, Kentucky

Friday: Woody Durham, North Carolina

Here’s where you come in:  Throughout the week as the evidence is presented for each school, log-on to and place your vote for which program is number one.  The poll question is on the right column of the KLWN sports website.  The beauty of this debate is you get to decide which criteria are most important.  Is it national championships, total wins, winning percentage, alumni in the NBA, coaching legacies, venue, conference titles, or something else?  There’s no wrong answer, but just like the Highlander, “In the end, there can be only one.”

So tune in today or listen online!  Be sure to vote and call-in on Friday at 5:10 CST to vote on-air and state your case for why your school is #1.  The best phone call will receive a piece of college hoops history from

If you miss an interview, don’t worry! has the archives below.

Want more debate?  Here’s a list of other pertinent guests and their appearance times on RCST this week.  You can listen to archives of the entire shows in the Phog.TV section in case you miss any of these extra interviews.

Monday:  Will Conroy, Street & Smith’s “100 Greatest College Basketball Programs of All Time”

Wednesday:  Steve Wieberg, USA Today  (Wrote a piece in 1996 calling Kansas #1 All Time – who would he vote for today?)

Thursday: Tom Woolsey, - with the argument supporting Kansas’ coaching family tree.

Friday: Frank Burlison, Hall of Fame College Hoops Writer now writing with, in addition to the Long Beach Press Telegram and Top Stories