Kansas on Storrs' Early List

The open period is a great time for coaches to check out exactly which prospects they are going to target for years to come. But on the flip side, it also gives the players a chance to see who is showing interest in them. Lance Storrs, of Decatur, GA., noticed a number of coaches at his games during the open period, and apparently that meant a lot to him.

"Right now the three schools I really like right now are Georgia Tech, Alabama, and Kansas. Because every game that I played at the adidas Showtime Coach Hewitt and Coach Gottfried were there and so were the assistant coaches from Kansas, Coach Townsend and Coach Dooley. They came to watch me play so I really appreciated that," Lance Storrs said.

The 6-foot-4 guard has already taken unofficial visits to his top three schools, but he said that he'd like to take officials back to the same schools before he decides on a certain school.

"I want to take all five of my official visits," Storrs said. "The schools that I am thinking about take the visits to are Georgetown, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia Tech, and Indiana."

His most recent unofficial visit was to Georgia Tech, and Storrs said that the visit went great and that Georgia Tech offered him a scholarship on the spot. But they aren't the only school that has offered him a scholarship.

"So far I have scholarship offers from Georgia Tech, Alabama, Georgia, and I think somewhat Kansas has offered. I'm not really sure it's like 50/50 right now."

Storrs is ahead of most players at his age, because not only has he visited just about all the schools he is very interested in, but he has scholarship offers from the as well. So Storrs described exactly what he liked about each of his top three schools.

"Georgia Tech, I like their style of play. The offense is a guard oriented offense, where he relies on his guards to create and to break the defense down," Storrs explained. "I like Kansas for their up and down style and run n' gun type offense. And Alabama I like their slow it down type offense too. They get the ball into the big men and then work the inside out."

Although he is ahead of the game, he still wants to weigh his options and doesn't want to rush into any kind of decision. Storrs said he would like to wait until February and then make a move.

"Around February or March," Storrs responded when asked when he wanted to make a decision. "I just want to weigh my options out right now. At the end of the July period, me and my family are going to sit down and talk about different situations and the schools that will help me the most. Then at the end of the basketball season I'll just take it from there."

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