Kansas Back in the Picture for Legion

July is a great time for coaches to get out of the office and evaluate the players that they'll be recruiting for a few years down the road. That's why Kansas sent assistant coach, Kurtis Townsend to Michigan to check in on one of the best in the 2007 class.

With the coaches open period wrapping up, Tim Green, Alex Legion's AAU coach and godfather, decided to put together a work out session so a few select coaches could get a glimpse of what Alex Legion has to offer.

Green worked Legion out for a few hours on July 31st, in front of Kurtis Townsend of Kansas, Mike Jackson of Michigan, and Ernie Zeigler of UCLA. The work out included a number of different drills with many focusing on his shooting ability.

"I just worked him out myself," Green said. "I worked him on a lot of shooting and fundamentals. A whole lot of shooting and finishing, things like that."

Green also mentioned that there is a list of top five schools that Legion is really interested in. The list consists of Michigan, Michigan State, Kansas, UCLA, and Illinois.

While Kansas has always somewhat been involved in Legion's recruitment, they made a very good impression on Legion at the work out. According to Green, Kansas could be a player in his recruitment.

"Kansas is back in the picture now. Kansas is Kansas. They have a great tradition," Green said. "Self actually recruited Deron Williams and Luther Head and Alex is the same kind of player as they are. So I know Al will be able to play the way they want him to. Plus, they have a rich basketball tradition, I can’t overlook that. Al also likes Kansas, he’s always liked Kansas."

But Kansas isn't the only school that Green spoke highly about. He discussed the other four schools that Legion is high on.

"We like Michigan because of Tommy Amaker and they produce pros," Green said. But I like Izzo a lot and they have an established program as well."

"Again tradition, they’ve had a lot of great players," Green said of UCLA. "They are a national platform. Plus Ben Howland is a good coach. I think he’s done well with not great talent."

"And Illinois I like the way they play. I like the open offense. I like how Weber isn’t on their heels. He lets them play basketball. It’s not far from home either."

With five schools competing for Legions services, there are a few factors that will play into the equation. And, competing for a national title is definitely one of the main factors.

"Whoever gives him the best opportunity to win a national championship and go to the pros," Green responded when asked what would factor into their decision the most. "What school would he fit in, where he could come in and be one of the missing links to be the national champions."

While Legion does have a top five, there is still a long ways to go in his recruitment.

"We’re not going to do anything for a while. It’s important for us to see how the teams play, and how the coaches coach," Green explained. "The other thing is I want him to feel comfortable around his teammates and assistant coaches as well."

Legion has already unofficially visited Michigan State and UCLA, and plans on taking visits to Kansas, Michigan, and Illinois in the fall.

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