Rose In No Hurry To Make Decision

Chicago PG prospect Derrick Rose is taking his recruitment seriously - and methodically. Here's the latest on this blue-chip Kansas target.

When you can ball like Derrick Rose can, word spreads rather quickly. Even though he’s yet to start his junior year at Chicago (IL) Simeon, the 6-2 PG’s name has already graced the pages of recruiting magazines and websites for a few years. Already hailed by some as the best point guard out of Chicago since Isaiah Thomas, Rose is learning to live with great expectations.

One of the people charged with guiding the extremely shy Rose through the waves of publicity and hyperbole is older brother Reggie Rose. Reggie assists with his younger brother’s summer team, the Mean Streets Express, and as a former division one player himself offers tips on keeping Derrick’s game straight.

An area that he and others have stressed with Derrick is to come out and take games over early.

“We’ve been telling him that he has to come out right away and show people who Derrick Rose is,” said Reggie Rose. “He’s got a tendency to kind of take his time getting involved and we are trying to teach him to take control right away.”

While some kids and those around them are quick to point out their rankings or accomplishments, Rose doesn’t. He’s a quiet kid who takes pride in setting up his teammates and being a fundamentally sound player. The fact that he has incredible athleticism and a solid work ethic to go along with his patient floor game only makes him that much better.

“He really wants to get everybody involved and isn’t concerned about being the man,” said his brother.  “People talk about how his jump shot needs some work and it does, but a lot of it has to do with how high he jumps off the floor when he shoots. It is something he’s got to adjust to.”

Unlike other kids who are in a rush to read headlines and see themselves on television or quoted in stories, the plan for Rose is to take things slow. He hasn’t played above his age group on too many occasions and he remains fiercely loyal to playing with same group of kids that he has for a while.

As far as schools go, it isn’t easy to get a list of those that the budding star is most interested. However, his older brother did mention a few that have made an early impression.

“You’ve got North Carolina, Kansas, Illinois, Arizona and then Virginia is in there too,” the elder Rose told “He’s not in any kind of rush right now to think about that stuff. He just wants to get better and to keep showing people what he’s capable of doing.” Top Stories