Kansas Peaking Bynes' Interest

A talented kid with a bevy of reported offers, the Jayhawks seem to be impressing South Florida QB Herb Bynes. More inside.

South Florida signal caller, Herb Bynes, now claims nine written offers. "I have offers from Louisville, Ole Miss, Central Florida, Kansas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Florida International, Duke, and Auburn," he says. "My top five have changed. I like Louisville, Ole Miss, Central Florida, Kansas, and Wisconsin. I don't have a favorite."

Some schools that have offered are not making the cut because they do not offer the right criteria for his needs. "Places like Auburn, the depth chart is a factor, plus I don't like their offense as much as other schools. "I want a place that can pass the ball, and also do things like run the option. A place where the offense is built around me."

Although he is not claiming a leader at this time, that could change very soon. "After we get our season underway next week, I will think about recruiting a little more. Right now my main focus is getting our team ready to play Sarasota. I think I will be naming a favorite here pretty soon once I sit down and think about it a little more."

Leaving the Sunshine State would not be a problem for Bynes. "I'd love to leave the state. That is what I am leaning towards."

But he may not leave Florida, or the South for that matter, if his parents have anything to do with it. "My dad likes Miami and my mom likes the Florida Gators. But, of the schools I am looking at, and of the ones that are recruiting me, my mom likes Ole Miss and my dad likes Central Florida."

Bynes says Louisville is showing the most attention. It appears that the school furthest west peaking his interest, is Kansas. "I really dig their offense. They have an O that is built for the quarterback. I am made for a sytem like that where the quarterback can be mobile and run and pass the ball. The coaches also tell me it is a real friendly atmosphere up there - I like that."

Bynes carries a 2.4 core GPA and scored a 990 on the new version of the SAT and a 13 on his first ACT attempt. He is re-taking the SAT on October 8th. The quarterback is unsure of what he would like to major in.

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