Successful Summer for Pondexter

For normal high school students, summers are a time for relaxation and maybe a summer job.  But that's not how it works if you're an elite basketball player looking to play at a high major school.

Just ask 6-foot-6 Quincy Pondexter.  The Fresno, CA, native was in full basketball mode from the start of the summer until the end of July.    

“That whole process is really long,” Pondexter explained.  “Between June and July it was really long and my body got tired in the end, but I did pretty well.”

But the process worked out well for Pondexter.  He attended a number of top tier events and raised his ranking to 27th in the country.  So how did you Pondexter think he performed this summer?

“I just wanted to prove to people that I could actually shoot the ball pretty well.  I love competing against the best players, that’s what I love to do.  There wasn’t any one thing I wanted to improve on, as long as my team won.

Since the adidas Super 64 tournament in Las Vegas, which his EBO team won, Pondexter has taken some time off and just recently started working out on his own last week.  But he has also had a little time to think about what college he wants to attend.

“It’s going pretty well, a lot of schools are showing a lot of interest right now,” Pondexter said of the recruiting process.  “It’s just an honor to have all those high major schools paying a lot of attention to me.”

At this point Pondexter said that he has three schools that really stick out.  He mentioned UConn, Washington, and Memphis as his current favorites with Tennessee right behind them. 

Pondexter has already set up visits to UConn and Washington.  He will head to Connecticut the first weekend in September and to Washington the very next weekend. 

“It’s not totally down to those three, those three I’m high on right now,” Pondexter said.  “I’ll take those official visits and go from there.  If it’s good I might commit early.”

So what happened to Kansas?

“They’re recruiting me, but they aren’t really trying as hard as the other schools are.” Top Stories