Storrs to Visit for Late Night

Decatur, GA shooting guard Lance Storrs has a number of school visits planned, but in October he'll visit Lawrence, KS for Late Night in the Phog. Details inside.

Lance Storrs, of Decatur, GA., began taking unofficial visits early on in the recruiting process, but he isn’t done seeing college campuses.   The 2007 senior has already visited Kansas, Georgia Tech, and Alabama and the 6-foot-4 guard has three more visits planned for the basketball season.

Storrs will make his second visit to Lawrence, KS, but this time for Late Night.  He also plans to see games at the University of Alabama and the University of Tennessee during the season.

But to Storrs, it’s not just about him visiting schools it is also about coaches traveling to see him play.  Storrs pays attention to the coaches in the stands, and said that it means a lot to him.

“My biggest factor is basically the support that I feel from the coaches.  As far as coming to see me play, the most names of the schools that I like and that I see in the stands or I hear about coming to the games sticks out to me the most.  Because they’re not just talking to me over the phone, they’re coming to actually see me play and I think that’s a big factor too.”

The Columbia HS product claims offers from Kansas, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Tennessee and Clemson.  But of the schools that have offered there are a few schools that really stick out.

“Well I have three schools that stick out to me they are Kansas, Alabama, and Georgia Tech.  And on the bubble are Tennessee and Virginia Tech because they’ve been coming on strong lately,” Storrs said.  “So if any of those three schools make a change or something, I’ll probably move Tennessee or Virginia Tech up.”

So what is it about those three schools that he likes?

“Right now Kansas, it’s their history and the type of style of play they have,” Storrs explained.  “Alabama, I like their coaching staff and they are real cool and down to earth and Georgia Tech I like their style of play too.”

But Storrs isn’t the only player that has interest in those schools.  According to Storrs, Jeremy Price is interested in them as well.  Price is a good friend and AAU teammate of Storrs, and the two have plans of possibly playing college basketball together.

"We are trying to see what schools will benefit both of us coming in and playing as a freshmen and helping our team win a national championship,” Storrs said.  “If that doesn’t happen then we’ll have to go our separate ways.”

Both Storrs and Price are key contributors in the Georgia Stars AAU program and Storrs said that summer ball went just as he planned.

“The summer went pretty well.  I did pretty well overall, I think I showed the total package of my game by creating and making the open jump shots as well as taking the ball to the hole and also getting the ball to my big men. “

The shooting guard, who has been working on his jump shot the most, said that he loves to get his teammates involved and that he just wants to win.

“I’m a creator and a person that helps his teammates get better by passing the ball and encouraging,” Storrs said when asked to describe his game. “I can do whatever I have to do to help win games.”

With a number of solid AAU programs in Georgia, Storrs plays with a lot of great competition and he said the toughest player he played against all summer was Georgia native Senario Hillman from the Atlanta Celtics.

“I’d say the best competitor was Senario Hillman.  We played them three times this year.  For a guard who is 5’11 he’ll fly over you and dunk on you.  He improved his game over the summer time and the course of the year as well.  Because his jump shot was decent and now he is knocking it down on a consistent basis.  He can take a game over any time he wants to.” Top Stories